How to Order Prescription Color Lenses

Conditions to Buy Corrective Korean Lenses

(contact lenses with degree/RX/correction)

​- The minimum order for similar corrective lenses is 3 pairs (3 pairs that are exactly the same, the same brand, the same color, and the same correction)
– The minimum order for different corrective lenses is 5 pairs (different ​brand / ​color ​/ ​correction)
– When customers want to order only 3 different pairs, the price for each pair is $39.90:

We do not sell corrective prescription contact lenses, we sell only Plano lenses without correction (0.00).

But if you can order at least 5 pairs of prescription lenses you can send us the list of the products that you want to order and we will check with our suppliers if they are available.

– You can mix colors and prescriptions but each lens of a pair must have the same power: it is not possible to buy different lenses for left and right eyes, so if you need for example -4 for left eye and -2 for right eye you must order a pair of -4 and a pair of -2.

– Price of prescription lenses is the same as the price of non-prescription lenses, just look on each product page of our store to know how much will cost your order.

– Our “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, “Buy 5 Get 2 Free” and “Buy 10 Get 5 Free” offers do not include prescription lenses.

– You can get 5 free pairs if you order 15 pairs of prescription lenses. If you mix prescription and non prescription lenses you also need to order 15 pairs to get 5 free pairs.

How to Order Prescription Color Lenses