Addams Family Uncle Fester Halloween Makeup and Costume

Addams Family Uncle Fester Halloween Makeup and Costume



Everybody knows the Addams family, a crazy wealthy freaky family emo style, living in a haunted manor with numerous weird creatures. At the beginning a group of unrelated characters created by an American cartoonist Charles Addams and published in the New Yorker newspaper from 1938 until 1988 Addams’ death . Based on Charles Addams’ characters, the American network and channel ABC created in 1964 a series of 64 episodes named ”The Addams Family”. Cartoons and also a movie have been released since.




What’s better for Halloween than playing an eccentric character from the Addams family? The funniest and most eccentric member of this family is uncle fester, he’s very charismatic and easy to imitate. He is a big heart and friendly character. Fester never get the Nobel prize and is even a bit retarded. Depending on the series, movie or cartoon Fester is sometimes Morticia Addams’ (mother) uncle or sometimes Gomez Addams’ (father) brother, but he is always the daughter’s named Wednesday Addams uncle. We have some ideas to propose you and help you to make your uncle Fester costume and a makeup that will catch people eyes. Nothing easier than create uncle Fester costume just take a look at the TV series or The Addams Family movie: wear a long raincoat or a hooded tunic, add a rope around your waist and use it as a belt.


If you are not naturally bald, you can shave your hair, but you can also get a latex wig. Having a bald head is the key of this costume and your transformation, if you keep you hair nobody during your Halloween party will recognize you as uncle Fester. To use properly the latex wig, you must first flatten your hair with gel for example.


To complete your transformation, you can apply white color painting all over your face, ears, hands, neck and even on the wig. Now that you get a pale complexion you can darken your eye contour too look tired and sick.


If your are concerned about details, do not hesitate to wear black circle lenses if your eyes have another color.

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Now your uncle Fester is ready to go out and get people attention. Enjoy your Halloween.