Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with Green Circle Lenses

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with Green Circle Lenses


The American actress Angelina Jolie is as everybody knows a gorgeous woman who is lucky to have big natural blue-gray eyes. In theory, she would not need to wear Korean circle lenses contrary to many other actresses and actors.

However, when a special role needs Angelina to have a supernatural look, our gorgeous actress wears circle lenses. For the Maleficent movie Angelina plays the character of the bad witch that we know from the tale Sleeping Beauty.

This character needs to be a bit scary and different from human being, a green pair of light emerald green circle lenses is perfect to play this role.

Maleficent is a Disney movie directed by Robert Stromberg who is not a novice because among other he directed two Oscar-winning blockbusters like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Angelina Jolie’s face has been modified for this movie, to play the role of the heart of stone witch. In the film she has high cheekbones increasing her hard witch’s personality. Her makeup gives to her face more relief and make Angelina’s character scarier with the help of these huge black horns. Completed with the pair of stunning green circle lenses, Maleficent looks diabolical.

Maleficent wear soft circle lenses with little touches of brown and orange making her eyes more intense, shinning her eyes and giving a new dimension to this character. Angelina Jolie’s look becomes more intense, piercing, electrifying and most of all scary and magic. Maleficent was released in theaters in Mai 28, 2014 worldwide.



No doubt that these green circle lenses are a big success and good sales, they became a must have for Halloween costumed parties. Two contact lenses models will be perfect if you plan to cosplay Maleficent like Angelina Jolie. These circle lenses are made by the trusted brand Vassen and meet international (ISO), American (FDA) and European (CE) standards.

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If you too want to dress like Angelina in Maleficent Disney’s movie you’ll find many tricks and tips online to help you, but never forget that you will need a nice pair of green circle lenses to complete your costume and make it perfect.