Base Curve Explained: what you need to Know to Buy Circle Lenses

Base Curve Explained: what you need to Know to Buy Circle Lenses


How to buy Korean circle lenses ? Because it is not clearly explained on others color lenses and circle lenses webstores, we want to inform our visitors and customers about the most important point to check when you decide to buy a pair of color lenses. This point is the base curve.


When you are visiting a web store selling corrective or plano color lenses you can see in the description of the product an information called “base curve” and you might not know but this information is the most important to check when you decide to buy your color lenses or corrective contact lenses.


To know what is your base curve you need to visit an eye practitioner as an ophthalmologist, an optician or an optometrist because only a specialist is able to check your eyes with a special machine and tell you what color lenses or contact lenses you can wear.


Often when you are looking for what you have to check and what you need to know before buying circle lenses online, it is not explained clearly that the base curve is the most important thing and the main reason why people have issues when they wear color or contact lenses. This is why we want to clarify it right now and give you all the details that you are looking for before purchasing contact lenses online.


As we said earlier, wearing contact lenses which base curve doesn’t fit your eyes is the main reason of troubles met by color lenses wearers. If the base curve diameter of the contact lens is not the right size for you and is too big or too small, a discomfort will occur and it could have consequences on your eyes and your health. We can compare this situation to someone wearing too big or too small clothes, but in this case there will be no consequences on health only a little discomfort can occur. Wrong size of clothes won’t harm your body or give you health issues but wrong color contact lenses can. A wrong base curve contact lens can help bacteria to develop fast and harm your eye, this is a very serious deal.


When your color lenses are in correct position on your eyes, each contact lens should lay on the cornea and gently move when your eyes are blinking. This is the only way to properly wear circle lenses without taking any risk and without feeling discomfort.


If your circle lenses move too much while they are on your eyes, you are going to have issues with them. For example you can get dry eye syndrome, itchiness, irritations and others issues which will make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe with your contact lenses on. If you have one of these symptoms take off your color lenses immediately and go to visit your eye doctor.


In contrast, if your color contact lenses are too close or stick too much to your eyes they can cause irritations and vision problems. When your circle lenses are too close to your eyeball it’s like having shoes too small for you, you start not feeling your blood running as usual in your feet, this is exactly the same thing happening with your circle lenses if they stick too hard on your eyeball.


If you still doubt and want proof that you can’t wear color lenses with a base curse not fitting you it’s easy. Try your contact lenses on and see if you can keep them as everybody, around 10 hours. If you start feeling any issue after 1 or 2 hours then it is clear that the base curve that you have chosen is not the good one. In this case it’s time to take off your color lenses.


We hope that it is clear now for you that you need to make sure to know the right base curve for your eyes before choosing a pair of contact or color lenses. The base curve information should be on top of your list of criteria; the color, design and size should come after. Now you know how to avoid troubles with contact lenses and how to choose them without risk, so you are ready to make your first order.


Don’t forget that on the Internet you have to be careful about fake circle lenses, make sure to buy only genuine color lenses, because fake brands color lenses could be a danger for your eyes and your heath too.

On our shop we propose only genuine color lenses from trusted brands as Vassen Korea, Geo Medical, Dueba Korean and Dreamcon. The most famous brand Geo Medical has an anti fake sticker system and on each contact lens vial there is a sticker that you have to scratch to get the authentication number of your color lenses. Then visit the Geo Korea website and compare the number with their database. With this system there is no chance to get fake contac lenses.


If you have more questions or you need more information do not hesitate to contact via our FAQ page.