Beauty tips for Christmas and New year

Beauty tips for Christmas and New year



Are you ready for the festive season, are you ready for Christmas and New year’s eve ?


Christmas isn’t only a day to share gifts but also the perfect time to be the most beautiful all day or all night long. This is the right time to wear your new evening dress, your most pretty dress, your sexiest high heels or the new accessories that you will get for that special moment.


Christmas is an occasion to spend good time and make yourself pretty and be ready to be extravagant, add a magic touch to your appearance and look like a stunning celebrity. 

For this special day just do as celebrities by adding shine into your everyday life to be more beautiful than ever.


First of all don’t forget to clean your skin, because having a smooth and fresh skin is really important to get the glamor makeup result of your dreams. Never give up on your daily routine skin care to avoid any kind of problem when you really need to shine.

Always choose the right foundation, the right concealer and the good powder blush adapted to your skin. Do not forget to always associate matching makeup products which color will suit the best your skin complexion.


Drawing hot sexy lips is the best makeup tip, it works with a large number of women. Choose the classic red lipstick to avoid any mistake, but if you are brave enough it also works with orange or purple colors. With flashy lipstick you will look sexy with plumper lips, the best way to be seen and noticed. If you choose to have flashy color lips prefer a light discreet makeup for the rest of your face, you will look chic. You can add a subtle touch of gloss to complete the lips makeup.



Korean circle lenses are now very trendy and popular so it is a pity to hang out without this accessory which is cheap and very efficient to change your look. This year you can’t turn your back to the special colors proposed by color lenses makers as Geo Medical, because this is the best tip to get a glamor result. Korean lenses are not only changing the color of your eyes but they also allow you to try something different to make you feel more desirable. You can now match your eyes with the color of your clothes and your accessories very easily.

We recommend the makeup technique called  “Smoky Eyes” which is the classic makeup trend to give you a beautiful look. This makeup style will match perfectly with the color of your eyes and your skin. You can’t be wrong choosing this look, we are sure that you will be gorgeous everywhere you go during the festive season. 


Don’t forget to always bring with you your lipstick, blush powder, oil absorbing sheets and your thin concealer to be always ready to fix your makeup at any moment especially if you are planing to have a crazy night out.

Emo look is not recommended for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so better try chic makeup instead because it will more accepted by your friends and family for a special night.

We are sure now that our celebrities makeup tips will allow you to be the most beautiful during your Chrismas and New Year’s Eve parties, so please enjoy.