Beauty Tips: How to Wear Color Contact Lenses

Beauty Tips: How to Wear Color Contact Lenses


How to choose your cosmetic contact lenses?

To choose your color lenses you have to adapt your choice to circumstances and your physical appearance.

If you want to keep a natural look and modify lightly the color of your eyes you have to heed of your origins.

Are you African with a dark skin and frizzy black hair ?

Choose dark tones contact lenses as brown, black or hazel. Prefer the same colors of lenses if you are Asian. on the contrary if your type is Scandinavian with white skin and blond hair, choose light color lenses blue or green for example.


Now if you aim to be noticed and stick in people minds you can create your own contact lens code and wear colors in contrast with your skin and your general appearance.


How to highlight your circle contact lenses ?

To highlight your contact lenses do exactly the same way as you do to highlight your natural eyes, simply using the right makeup, powder and blush matching your circle lenses.

Enhance your circle lenses using eyeliner, mascara, pencil, or kohl.


Match your lenses with your clothes

The way you dress is important too, your color lenses have to match your style if you really want to be comfortable when you go out and people look at you.

Choose color lenses that match your personality, your spirit, your point of view, your philosophy, your age, your gender or why not your sexual orientation.


Wear natural contact lenses instead of flashy colors if your style is geek, bohemian, hipster or classic. If your style is more eccentric as emo, punk, or cosplayer, then flashy colors will fit you well.


A good way to highlight your color lenses is to wear an accessory or one piece of clothe with the same color, for example a blue T-shirt with your blue contact lens, green earrings with green color lenses or a cap with touches of gray for gray circle lenses.


Wearing color contact lenses is an art and you can become a master with a bit of practice, don’t waste more time and run to to order the best contact lenses that meet your needs.