Best Gray Eyes for Valentine’s Day

Best Gray Eyes for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Makeup and Contact Lenses Ideas


Red lipstick is a forever makeup style and a universal classic look that always gives the best result for every skin tone.

If you plan to spice up your look this Valentine’s Day with sexy red lips makup, do not forget to add more charm in your eyes by wearing beautiful gray colored contact lenses because it’s the best eye color to go with hot red lips.

Any woman with glamourous gray eyes and red hot lips makeup will always get the best sexy look and show the most attractive characteristics that will make her lover fall in love again but also drive all the other guys crazy.

Discover how easy it is to get glamour gray eyes and match your hot red lips makeup to look sexy and amazing for this special Valentine’s Day with a wide range of wonderful gray colored contact lenses from



Smooth Gray Colored Contact Lenses with Red Lips Makeup

Natural Gray Contacts with Red Lips Makeup Valentine's Day

If you want to show a smooth gray and at the same time the most natural looking gray color in your eyes, then gray contact lenses without dark ring or gray contact lenses with delicate ring are the best for you.

These gray circle lenses with or without dark ring are perfect to show the most natural looking and smooth gray color in your eyes, so if you want to get this look, then we recommend you to try our smooth gray colored contact lenses:

Dueba Lolita Natural 2 tone gray colored contact lens which will show smooth gray color eyes as if it was your natural eyes color and which is also perfect for women with light natural eye color.

Geo Nudy Gray colored contact lens which perfectly blends with all natural colors to show an amazing gray color even when worn on the darkest eyes, so this is the most recommended gray contact lens if you have natural dark brown eyes.


Sexy Gray Colored Contact Lenses with Red Lips Makeup

Sexy Rihanna with Gray Contacts and Red Lips Makeup


We are sure that your red lips will help you to look more sexy, but if you want to increase your sexy look to turn on your lover instantly then you also need sexy gray eyes.

You will get the sexiest gray eyes by wearing our gray colored contact lenses as they will add a sparkling gray color into your eyes.

Medium gray tone and 3 tone gray colored contact lenses are the sexiest gray colors for lenses and the good point is that they also show the sweetest eyes for romantic time as for this Valentine’s day.

We recommend you to try Vassen Stella gray colored contact lenses with a 3 tone color that will perfectly blend with your eyes and show classic gray eyes for a real sexy style .

Mysterious Dark Gray Colored Contact Lenses with Red Lips Makeup

If you want dark gray eyes or a unique gray color in your eyes for your red lips makeup, then mysterious dark gray colored contact lenses are the lenses that you need for this V-day .

Dark gray colored contact lenses with dark black ring will show a unique 3 tone gray color if worn on natural light eye color and will show mysterious dark gray eyes if you have brown eyes.

These mysterious dark gray contact lenses will lighten up and enlarge your eyes naturally, so Vassen Barbie Coco Hyper Gray and I.Fairy Blythe Gray contact lenses are what you want to achieve mysterious gray eyes.

These gray colored contact lenses are going along very well with red lips makeup and they will allow you to celebrate more intensely with your lover this romantic Valentine’s day.

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