CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Big Eyes Black Contact Lens Review Vassen Margarita Black

Big Eyes Black Contact Lens Review Vassen Margarita Black review | vassen margarita pure black

hello hi everyone~~!! (?´?`?)
today I will be writing a review sponsored by Solution Lens online circle lenses store! the review is under the cut…!
before I begin I want to say that contacting them was extremely easy and they replied very fast, so communication was top-notch!
so the pair of lenses I got were the Vassen Margarita Series Pure Black
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 55%
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Time span: 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)

I received the package in roughly 2-3 weeks, which I think is really fast considering how it came from Thailand all the way to the US~
opening the package I saw:


flails because they gave me so much stuff//// ??(???`?)??
so inside the little cute box was the lenses bottles and super cute earrings!!

close up of the lenses in the bottle~

and then I opened it up and let them soak in the lens case they gave me (preview picture) overnight to be extra sure!
hours later, they were ready to put on!! not going to lie, since these were my first pair of contact lenses ever, they were a huge struggle to put in (´?`?) I ended up dropping them a lot and ergh no fun it wasn’t fun…
but I finally did get them in! (cheers)

one lense in | one lense out
both lenses in
both lenses in + makeup
color/design: ?????
of course, since the lenses are black, it doesn’t really matter what the design looks like since it all ends up looking the same^^ because of that, it wasn’t really “WOW” but you know, what else can you do~(´?`)
enlargement: ?????
I don’t know what say — these ones are HUGE and it’s very obvious as you can tell from the before/after image^^
comfort: ?????
ahh, these ones were a toughie. when I first put them in, my right eye started watering really badly and I knew it wasn’t because of the solution! but after a few minutes, my eyes got used to them~
overall: ?????
I’m about 99% sure these lenses aren’t the best to get for your first time wearing circle lenses haha
nonetheless, the company itself is very nice and really easy to talk to if you need anything regarding your lenses^^
and now the moment of truth


and that’s the end of my review! ( ´¬`) thank you for reading!!
also, I don’t recommend getting these for daily usage because the black color is very dark and makes you seem alienish(?) and the size making it even larger can be quite freaky, though it does look very nice on camera~
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