Blue Contact Lens Review Geo Olive Wing OL-102 Blue

Blue Contact Lens Review Geo Olive Wing OL-102 Blue


{CL Review} Geo Olive Blue Lenses
I think I have just found my new favourite Circle Lens. :O

These are the beautiful Geo Olive Blue lenses that I received from Solution! On the site, they are priced at 19.90USD which includes free shipping and a lens case as well.

Dia: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.5

Colour/Design: 5/5
This is the exact colour of blue I was hoping for! They are a bright blue in the sunlight, but when put with my dark black/brown natural eye colour they turn into a subtle navy colour that is very wearable and natural looking. So many people kept trying to guess why I looked different but not one guessed my lenses until I pointed them out. They have a navy blue limbal ring which helps to blend the colour out, as well as a black sketch design coming from the center of the lens.

Enlargement:  3/5
Late Night Lamp Light

It is a standard 14mm lens, so the enlargement isn’t that big. This helps create a more natural look that is very wearable and appropriate for all occasions. I would say these lenses focus more on the colour and design then the size of the lens.

Comfort: 5/5
3 hours in at work ;)

These lenses are my most comfortable Geo lens to date. The actually feel in the same range as my Vassen lenses which have a water content of around 42%. I wore them for at least 6 hours without remembering they were contacts, and with no drying or discomfort.

Over All: 5/5
  Bathroom lighting             


Natural Lighting

These lenses are definitely a hit, not just with me but also my mom and boyfriend, who both usually hate my contacts. The colour is gorgeous on dark eyes, and would go really nicely with light eyes as well. They are comfortable and very trendy, and I cant wait to wear them again!

More Pictures!