CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Crystal Blue

Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Crystal Blue


Helllluurrrr~ Sorry for taking so long. Unfortunately, I can’t upload a video review because the type of video file it is (video makers only support wmv and other video files, not mp4) (;???)
Anyway, has asked me to review a pair of circle lenses for them. These lenses go by other names like Vassen/I.Fairy (Super) Crystal Blue but on the website they’re Vassen Crystal Series Blue (link will be at end of review).

Information about the lenses
Name: Crystal Blue
Brand: Vassen
Diameter: 15.00 mm (on the vial it states 14.5 mm, on other websites it states 16.00 mm but the actual disameter is 15.00 mm
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: A year

Now, time for pictures~~~

Here’s how the packaging looked like unopened

hehe poopy sticker

And this is it with its contents taken out

The bubble wrap off

This pen is so cute. It’s a little mouse. The tip comes out whenever you press down on an ear and depending on what ear you press down on, either blue or black ink will come out.

I really like this little box it came with. I can use it for other things now yay :3

The box opened

The contents inside the box:
These cute earrings~  ?(????)

A lens case

And the lens vials wrapped in more bubble wrap (????)

How the lens look inside their vials

The lemses inside their case

Here’s the pictures of me wearing them

Indoor (bathroom) lighting:


Outdoor lighting:

Sorry I didn’t open my eyes big enough in the last picture  (?_?;)
Oh and I didn’t take “with makeup” pictures because these lenses are pretty bright enough without makeup.

On to the review! \(@???@)/

I didn’t chose these lenses for the design, but for the color. Either way, the design is pretty basic but very nice. And the color is really vibrant. You can easily tell they’re blue from far away. They’re a semi-natural bright blue but if you’re looking for lenses that are really natural, these aren’t the ones for you. The color and design is really lovely though and I love them.

The size is big but when you have them on they’re not noticably large. Maybe it’s just me because all my lenses are 15.00 mm and I’m too used to huge lenses. o3o

There are times where these lenses irritate my eyes. Either they feel stingy or too dry. I believe the stingy-ness is from lack of proper care for lenses (sometimes I’m rushing through cleaning them when putting them on so it’s probably a my bad).

I love these contacts so much! Everything about them is wonderful. I really needed lenses like these for my Supernatural genderbend Castiel (Castiela) cosplay and these are just perfect. I must have the red, pink, and violet ones from the same series.  ?(´?????`?)

More pictures of me actually wearing them (sorry but the lighting I took these pictures in really suck).

This is with my Nyan Cat inspired makeup.

Yes, I know. It’s messy. Please don’t take it too seriously because the design I made was kinda rushed through. (#/?\#)

If you find interest in these contacts, click here to check them out

Furthur questions…

What is the natural color of your eyes?
My eyes are a REALLY dark brown. Nearly black. The only time the brown is noticeable is when they’re in direct sunlight or colored contacts like green or blue are on (as seen on previous pictures).
What are your favorite contact lenses colors and brands?
I love really bright, icy color lenses. I never really care for natural lenses unless they’re a pretty color. My favorite brands are Geo and Vassen.
Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?)
I wear circle lenses on a daily basis when school was in. Now that it’s summer I don’t need to put them on as much unless I go out. The only brands I own are Geo and Vassen.
Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, friends…)
I found through Google; through their giveaway page.
What contact lenses you like on our store (put photos and links)
I’ve always wanted these Hello Kitty contacts *~*
I really want violet lenses aznd I’m so picky with what brands/color I get because of my dark eyes but I found out that Vassen Cherry Violet is the perfect lens for me! They’re actually much more brighter than in the picture above.
These are the only lenses I can think of /that I want at at the moment.
Is our website easy to visit / browse
The website is very easy to browse because it goes by brand, series, and colors.
Is our customer service good / quick
I didn’t talk much to the customer service but the lenses did get her fairly quick considering they came from Asia. I think it was 5 – 7 days. I didn’t keep track well. ^-^”

A part of Solution-Len’s summary

“ is a contact lens store where you can buy classic color lenses but also circle lenses that are also called “big eyes lenses”. You can buy on most of the famous circle lenses and colors lenses brands, only genuine lenses that are safe for your eyes and approved throughout the world. We offer a wide selection of color contacts and crazy contact lenses with variation of styles to satisfy everyone’s needs.” offers a great variety of lenses from the brands Vassen, Dueba, and Geo. As stated before, the website is easy to browse through. They also have great offers such as the following:

Another good thing about is they have a permanent monthly giveaway! Each month a pair of lenses is giiven to one lucky winner; winner is announced at the end of the month. To join the giveaway, search for it on the website OR click on the image about it on my sidebar.
Note: Just a friendly reminder that the circle lenses they offer are in plano and are not advised for contact users that need perscription. I only get these contacts, despite my vision, because I wear glasses over them when I need to see.

Click here or the image on my sidebar to visit