CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Tofi Blue

Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Tofi Blue


Vassen Kitty Kawaii Tofi Blue 2 Tone Lenses from
Hey hey. Some of you may know that I’ll be cosplaying at this year’s Cosfest XII which is on the 6th & 7th July. This year, my brother and I will be cosplaying characters from the anime Gintama- if you haven’t watched it, please do; I always end up laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. haha. Anyway, I’ll be cosplaying Kagura, the Yoshiwara Arc version and my brother will be going as Hijikata of the Shinsengumi. Right now, we are making preparations for the festival and I’m still doing last minute alterations to my kimono. Do catch us on the event day itself.

So, in order to exemplify Kagura, I had to look through various designs and blue colour tones. I want to emphasize Kagura’s bright blue eyes. I somehow stumbled on Solution-Lens after reading recommendations & reviews from other cosplayers. When I looked through the site, I found it really simple to browse through the various catalogues as its really organised such that you can search by colour or brand. After browsing through, I decided to go with the Vassen Kitty Kawaii Tofi Blue 2 Tone Colour Lenses also known as the I.Fairy Tofi Blue Circle Lenses. Listed below are the specifications.

Vassen Kitty Kawaii Tofi Blue 2 Tone Colour Lenses
(aka I.Fairy Tofi Blue Circle Lenses)
Diameter 15.0 mm
Water content 38-42%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Plano lenses w/o correction (0,0)
I received my order about 1-2 weeks later which was shipped in from Thailand.
This was what I received.

1. The outer package.
2. The inner package covered with bubble wrap.
3. The items received.

I have to say, I was only expecting to received my lenses.So I was quite surprised and happy to find a blue pig lens case, a cute mouse pen and a really adorable pair of bear studs. It was a really nice gift.

After which, I removed the lenses from the vials and had them soaked in solution for at least 8 hours.
I still take about half an hour to put my contacts on since I’m still pretty new to contacts lens. Anyway, these were how they looked like.

Colour: ?????
I have really dark brownish black eyes, so I was afraid that the blue will look dull on my eyes. But as you can see, they do not disappoint  The bright colour tone really blends well, giving off a nice shade of blue. It also looks very natural which is what I love unlike some tones which can be too overpowering and sometimes creepy.

Comfort: ????
I’m still not very used to the feeling of contacts so there was a bit of discomfort at first. For my right eye, I had to remove it once as it was really uncomfortable but I believe its probably from dust particles and not the lens itself since it was really comfortable on my other eye. Despite that, after awhile, I can barely feel them and it was really comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Enlargement: ?????
My eyes are kinda big in the first place so the enlargement may not be so obvious but it will definitely be noticeable for those with smaller eyes. The black ring of the lenses really enhances the pupils giving the impression of bigger,brighter and doll-like eyes which is especially perfect for cosplaying. It really brings out that anime look that I was striving for. The picture above shows one eye with the contact lens and the other without.

These lenses are really great if you’re going for an anime, doll-like look. I will definitely recommend fellow cosplayers out there to give these a try. There other colours in this series as well which you can choose to suit your character. Do check out their catalogues.

Solution-lens provides a wide range of lenses which leaves you spoiling for choices at affordable prices.
Furthermore, there is an ongoing promotion whereby you can get free lenses with every 2 or more pairs you buy. You can also join their permanent giveaway. Link: Permanent Giveaway
I don’t know about you guys, but I love free stuff. ^_^

However, do take note that the lenses are mainly plano lenses without correction (0,0).




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