CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Blue Lens Review Korean Vassen Big Seeshell Blue

Blue Lens Review Korean Vassen Big Seeshell Blue


I’m going to review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue from

I bought these contact lenses and nobody asked me to make a review but I really wanted as I really like this shop now.

Sorry if my review is not perfect but this is the first one that I did.


I was looking for blue contact lenses to wear for upcoming party with my old friends and after searching for a while I found this shop is an amazing contact lens shop with great promotions as Buy 2 Get 1 Free + Free Worldwide Shipping ! This website is very easy to browse and it’s quick to find the products that you like. I’ve read many reviews about them and people say that they are a honest and reliable online shop and only sell FDA Approved lenses. So you can be sure that these lenses are safe for your eyes and I can confirm it after having tested their products.


On the main page of this shop there are buttons on which you can simply click to select a specific color of contact lenses or a brand. They also have more options on the sidebar to help you to select your wished lenses. All you have to do is just select the lens you want and click the “BUY NOW” button to put the item in your cart and that’s it. 





Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue



I received my parcel 10 days after ordering the lenses, the shipping was super fast more than I expected and more than what I read about other shops.

I was happy with the adorable packaging that they put the lenses in a cute wooden box covered with bubble wrap to make sure that my lenses would arrive safely (the vials are glass vials and could break if not well packed). Their parcel looks very professional.


Here is my package after unwrapping the bubble paper, honestly I’ve never seen adorable package like this before, big shops like Amazon will never send something as cute !!!

They have packed the lenses into a small wooden box with contained my lenses, a white lens case, a cute pink pen and a pair of lovely earrings. The lenses are authentic and none came defective (I checked very well before opening the bottles, as it is asked).




Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue




Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue




Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue



I have never worn any circle lens or coloured lenses before and these are my first pair of circle lenses, however I have always heard great feedback about the circle lenses or big eyes lenses that can change the look and make you look cuter !


Surprisingly I found that it was easy to put these lenses in my eyes and I even wonder why some people say that it is difficult ?

They are so comfortable and I can’t feel them at all as if I had nothing in my eyes. I had to add a couple drop of rewetting solution after 4 hours of wearing to gain maximum comfort but it was not really necessary.





Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue


My natural eye color is dark brown like most Asian people and you can see that these lenses show up beautifully on my eyes with any light. These lenses are in 14.5mm diameter which is perfect and enough to get the dolly effect. I don’t think that look like an alien as some people have said on some forums.


The lenses are blue and we can see a little bit of green around my pupils. Now I have dolly eyes just like my favorite japanese manga. The perfect shade of blue that makes my eyes shinny like diamonds. I look really beautiful now my boyfriend said.



Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue



I really love these lenses and they turned out to be exactly as I expected. You can clearly see the effect in my eyes, very vibrant and visible under the sunlight.


I’m happy to order lenses from this shop. Their offers are great and their prices are reasonable.

I would recommend this circle lens store to all my friends and to everyone who wants cheap authentic contact lenses or circle lenses for Halloween.

If I order again I will make a new review as I start to like it and it was not very difficult.


Hope you enjoyed the nice photos of beautiful me <3



Contact Lens Review Vassen Big Seeshell Blue