Bohemian Gypsy Halloween Makeup Idea

Bohemian Gypsy Halloween Makeup Idea

Do you need an idea to become sexier, more desirable and look different with the scary monsters costumes for Halloween ? In this case, why don’t you try to be a Bohemian, also called gypsy. It is maybe a cliché, but this community is often represented by a fortune teller woman who looks very feminine with her colorful way to dress and her golden accessories like bracelets, necklace… This costume is a good way to look different and be sexy in the meantime for Halloween.

The origins of Gypsys

For information, Gypsys moved approximately one thousand years ago from Rajasthan (India) to Europe. In Europe they have different names but they come from the same community. In European Latin countries as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal they are called Gypsy, but in east European countries they are called Tzigane or Rom.


Make a Gypsy costume

The Gypsy costume is very easy to make. Actually, you just need a red long baggy dress and a white lacy blouse. Once you get the spririt of this costume your can create your own, for example you could add more layers of clothes, like a vest on your blouse, or wear a baggy flower dress instead of a red one. Cover your head with a bandana, the color should match your clothes. Then add on top of the bandana a golden necklace costume jewelry, choose one with numerous pendants as you can see on the photo. You’ll need large circle earrings and numerous cheap bracelets and rings. You also have to wear a long scarf on your shoulders and a shorter one to make a belt. For your feet you can wear sandals like a Gypsy but short heel shoes will be great too.


To increase your sex appeal and your power of seduction during this Halloween day, don’t hesitate to wear a pair of circle lenses. Thanks to this trick, you’ll get the eyes that you always wanted to have, they could be electric blue, hazel brown, turquoise, emerald green, etc…

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Gypsy makeup ideas

It’s a piece of cake to create your gypsy character’s makeup. Start using red or pink blush on your cheekbones until the temples. Use a kohl pencil to draw a line on your upper eyelid at the eyelashes base. Apply mascara or use false eyelashes. Finish the eyes with a smoky eyes makeup to give intensity to your look. For the final touch choose a flashy red lipstick.

Now that you are a real gypsy fortune teller, you can read in people hands and create scary Halloween stories.


Happy Halloween sexy Gypsy!