Borrow Someone Else Soft Contact Lens ?

Borrow Someone Else Soft Contact Lens ?


You have probably ever tried to swap your color contact lenses for your friend’s contact lenses, just to see how they fit on your eyes, if the design matches your style or to know how they could improve your vision in case of corrective lenses. Or maybe you might want to do this because you don’t want to buy a new contact lens pair for a party or a short time.

Whatever is your reason you are wrong and you did something stupid!


If during this exchange you didn’t have any problem, we can tell you that you were very lucky, because there are big risks to meet issues.


The main danger to wear someone else’s soft contact lens is of course to get an eye infection. This comes from pathogenic germs that can be found on your friend contact lens. Your friend or the person from whom you have borrowed the contact lenses can look perfectly healthy and never have problem with her/his eyes, but this is not a guaranty that the contact lenses are healthy and you won’t get an eye infection. It is exactly as someone who has HIV, you can’t see it but you can be infected !


If you exchange corrective contact lenses which are supposed to be prescribed by an ophthalmologist, there are several chances that the contact lenses won’t fit your eyes and your vision needs. If you wear for too long soft contact lenses that are not yours you can make your vision becomes worse.


Other issue that you can face if you use someone else’s contact lenses is about the shape and the curve of the contact lens itself. Each contact lens has its own “base curve”. People’s eyes have different shapes from one person to another, this is why an eye check by an ophthalmologist has to be done, because on his prescription the eye doctor will tell what your base curve is. Wearing contact lenses with the wrong base curve can be uncomfortable and irritate your eyes, the contact lenses can also move or slide on your cornea. It can also create an eye infection.




If after all these recommendations you have to wear someone else contact lenses anyway, then you have to take maximum precautions even if they won’t make you and your eyes 100% safe.

First, always wash your hands with soap and dry them with a clean soft fabric. Second, clean and disinfect the contact lenses with multi-purpose solution care.


If anyway you feel prickling, eye pain, discomfort or anomalous tearing your should remove these contact lenses right away and consult your eye doctor.


We prefer to repeat again and make it clear that using someone else’s contact lenses is something to avoid, so just don’t do it !