Brazil Contact Lens Shop Free Delivery

Brazil Contact Lens Shop Free Delivery


Brazil Contact Lens Shop Free Delivery


We send orders for free to Brazil and other countries located in South-America and we are sure that you won’t find and better service than what we offer.


– We send all orders for free to Brazil and other countries

Customers do not want to pay for shipping when they order products online and they don’t have to pay for shipping on our store as it is totally free. You can live in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina or anywhere else in the world and we will deliver all your orders for free.


– We send all orders declared as “GIFT”

Many customers living in Brazil or South-America countries fear that customs will tax their orders but you do not need to worry because our customers never had to pay any customs duty. We send all oders declared as “GIFT” with $15 value written on the form and this way customs won’t stop your parcel.


– We declare a very low value for every order.

You can order 1 pair or 15 pairs of contact lenses and we will adjust the declared value of your items, never over $30, because if customs think that your items are expensive they could ask you to pay some importation tax, but customs are not interested by cheap items because they couldn’t collect enough money.


-We ship large orders in different parcels sent different days

If you want that we split your order in 2 or more parcels we can do it but it is usually not useful for orders of 15 pairs or less. But when people order 20 pairs or more, for example when customers make a wholesale contact lens order we will never send all the products at the same time in the same shipment. We will separate the products and send them as you wish or as we know it is the safest to avoid customs office.


Brazil Contact Lens Shop Free Delivery


– We do not show any shop name on our parcels

Unlike other shops we send orders as if we were your friend and we do not write any shop name on our parcels so customs cannot guess that this parcel is sent by a company. Mostly customs look for products that have been ordered from abroad and that are sent by companies in USA or Europe, but when no company name can be found and when the parcel is declared as a gift customs think that opening it might be too much work for no result, as nothing will have to be paid, and they let it go without asking for importation tax.


– We do not add an invoice in the parcel

To reduce even more the risk that customs want to apply tax on some imported products we do not add an invoice in the circle lens parcels that we send, then customs would have to contact you to receive an invoice and ask you to pay tax. Usually they just prefer to give up and just let the parcel go. In case you would really need an invoice we will send it to you by Email or you can print it in your account on our store.


– We send all orders by Registered airmail with tracking number and insurance.

Most of the time when customs check parcels that arrive in Brazil or any country located in South-America they focus on parcels sent by Express mail because usually products sent by Express service as Fedex, DHL or UPS are expensive products on which they can apply customs duty. We send all orders to Brazil and South-Amerca countries as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and other countries by Registered airmail by using a Standard post office because we are sure that orders sent by this method won’t be checked by customs and that you will receive your products safely.


You can trust us, we want that you receive your contact lenses as much as you, because in case you would not get your order we will have to send it again, so if you really want to be sure to receive all the color contact lenses that you order you should buy from our shop.

We guaranty that you will get your order as quickly as possible and that no other shop could send them faster.

If you have any special request please use the “Comment box” that you will see during checkout: we read all the messages sent by our customers and also reply to all messages when a reply is expected.

So if you want to order contact lenses for yourself or if you want to order contact lenses to sell them in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina or any South -America country you now know on which shop you should make an order.


Brazil Contact Lens Shop Free Delivery