CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Brown Big Eye Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

Brown Big Eye Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown


Okay so I’ve finally gotten round to writing my review for

I would have done it sooner but I’ve had work this week and I’ve been so so busy!

I first heard about solution-lens from a friend who told me they did amazing contacts so after having a look at them and wishing i could afford them i found out that they did sponsors! so I messaged solution-lens on Sunday the 8th of September about becoming a sponsor and they replied to me that same day and i got the sponsorship, they emailed me telling me that my contacts could take up to three weeks to be delivered as they were coming from Asia.

My contacts were delivered on the 16th of September, so a week later!

This is how the package looked when it was delivered

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

I really liked the packaging even though it was so simple, there was cute little stickers in the corner of where my name and address was placed

The contact lenses came in a little straw basket which i thought was wonderful I also got a little pen and a set of earrings too!

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

These were lovely little touches that made my package even more special!

I have never ever ever worn contacts before, but i found them surprisingly easy to put in, my first try took me about 20 minutes but now i can get them in straight away!

The photos following will be:

Lenses in the vials
Lenses in lens case provided
Lens difference between my natural colour and size
Both lenses in with make up

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown
These are the lenses in the vials they came in

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

These are my lenses in the lens case provided

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

This is with one lens in. (The difference is amazing)

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

And this is a photo when i have all my make up done with the lenses in :3

Okay so!

The natural colour of my eyes are a mousey brown, I chose brown contacts for my first because i was unsure if people would be able to see any other colour in my eye, my main worry about light contacts is it not showing up because of the darkness of my eyes, but i think the next pair i get will be a different colour to brown.
My favourite contact lens colour has to be either purple or blue so one of those colours will definitely be one of my next

I love these!

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

And these are adorable too!!
Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

Okay so Solution-lens are an amazing contact lens company and i found their website so so so easy to search through, i really loved the fact that there was an option to search by colour so you don’t have to search by brand or style, which is perfect for people wanting to get contacts for the first time and don’t know about the different styles and brands, i think that its an easier way for them to find the colour and style they want. 5/5

I was also amazing impressed with the customer service and the delivery I was absolutely amazed that my lenses came within a week of me ordering them, especially since they were coming from Asia! 5/5

The colour of them is perfect as well, it looks just like the image i saw online of them and i really love them so so so much, I’ve worn them out a few times this week and i am very thoroughly impressed. an easy 5/5

When i first put the lenses in i was a bit shocked and i scared myself because i blinked as i put it in and i thought that i dropped it on the floor, after frantically looking around on the floor i looked up into the mirror and gave myself a bit of a scare because the lens was in my eye! i couldn’t even feel it and i was so happy, i was actually pretty scared at putting it in my eye because i was scared of discomfort or scratching as I’ve heard a few people complaining about that from different company’s but i was very happy with the comfort and i love how i cant even feel them in! and i absolutely love how big they make my eyes look, in comparison to my natural eye colour and size it is brilliant! 5/5


I am unbelievably happy with the lenses i have been sent to review from and i honestly think that you should all check out their store because their store is so adorable and easy to look through and also enter their giveaway!

the link is here

solution-lens have been absolutely wonderful and i have really enjoyed doing this review

I hope in the future i could do more reviews for them


Here are some more photos of me with the lenses in
Thank you for reading!

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

 Contact Lens Review Dueba Alamode Brown

Thanks again for reading and please please please go check out