Brown Korean Color Lens Review Dueba Burn Brown

Brown Korean Color Lens Review Dueba Burn Brown

Solution-Lens – Barbie Burn Brown Review
Hi everyone! I’m back with another circle lens review! This time, I will be reviewing the Barbie Burn Brown lenses kindly sponsored by Solution-Lens!

Solution-Lens, as the name states, is a shop that sells lenses, but more specifically, coloured contact lenses (circle lenses). They have a broad range of lenses to choose from and have reasonable prices for their lenses! The best thing I like about Solution-Lens is that shipping is FREE for any country! Plus, you also get a free lens case!

Here is a link to their website! []

Now, onto the review!

I was really scared when I saw the package and wondered about the contents inside since the envelope it was in was just a normal yellow envelope, however, I was happy to see that everything inside was tightly packed with bubble wrap.

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

The lenses came in a beautiful decorative box crate with some additional goodies (lens case, a pair of earrings, and a pen). Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the crate it was in and the pen ; – ;

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

I got the GnG/Dueba/Barbie Burn Brown lenses~ I was pretty skeptical at first about these lenses since the packaging of the lens was in thai I believe? But I realized when I looked at where the package came from and whilst reading the information on the vials I was happy to read that these lenses are indeed made in Korea, but the packaging was done in Thailand.

Information about these lenses:

Diameter: 14.5mm

Water Content: 38-42%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

I got these lenses with no prescription just like my PinkyParadise lenses since you know… glasses and everything :P

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

Here is a picture of the lenses in the vials! The other lens failed to cooperate with me and the camera, but at least one of them turned out well! It looks like there’s two lenses in each vial LOL

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

The lenses soaking in solution~

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

Close up shots of the lens in natural lighting~

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

Close up shot of the lens in flash~

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses

Both eyes wearing lenses in natural lighting~

Review Dueba Barbie Burn Brown Lenses



Enlargement: ????? These lenses certainly enlarged my eyes quite a bit. I actually freaked out a bit when I saw them on in the the mirror, but I’m sure it will be a bit more normal looking if I put on a bit of eyeliner or something with it… But it does do it’s purpose, which is enlarging my eyes. It creates a wonderful dolly look and I think they look really good on me from far away! :D

Comfort: ????? These lenses are relatively comfortable when wearing them, besides the struggling moments of putting them on. They don’t irritate my eyes much, but I do sometimes feel the lenses when I move my eyes around… But I warn you… bigger lenses are harder to insert… maybe because my eyes aren’t that big x_x

Design: ????? I really like the design for these lenses since they give a somewhat natural look while still emphasizing an individual’s eyes. With the black limbal ring around the outside of the lenses, they really make my eyes pop! As well, since the lenses are brown in colour, they blend in with my natural iris colour (dark brown) really well!

All in all, I think these lenses are fabulous! But, because of my personal preferences, slightly smaller lenses are more preferable for me. But these lenses do enlarge my eyes nicely with a great blending with my natural eye colour. These lenses are comfortable and affordable since shipping is free from this site! Although this is my second pair of circle lenses, I think that the Barbie/Dueba/GnG brand for circle lenses are great! They’re really comfy and some of their lenses have a higher water content in them which makes the lenses VERY comfy!

Thanks again to Solution-Lens for these wonderful lenses! ?

Oh yeah, if you didn’t know, Solution-Lens does give away a free pair of circle lenses at the start of every month to a lucky winner! For more information click here!

That’s all! Thanks for reading! ^ ^)/?


Additional Info:

What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands

So far I only tried GEO Medical and now Barbie… so I can’t really choose a favourite yet :/ But when browsing through shops, I often search for brown, grey, or violet lenses!

Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?)

Rarely. Only on special occasions and I have only wore my GEO Angel Grey ones once to school ^ ^

Where did you find our store

I found Solution-Lens from a friend’s recommendation!

What contact lenses you like on our store

GEO Puffy 3 Tone Grey

GEO Xtra Size Natural WMI-244 Brown

Is our website easy to visit / browse

I personally found it a bit difficult for some parts, but I really love how the site has a list of all the contact lens series by brand name on the left hand side

Is our customer service good / quick

I found Solution-Lens’ service fantastic! They reply emails almost instantly and shipping wise was also reasonable ^ ^

Photos of received parcel

I forgot to take pictures of the received parcel ): But I remember it having cute stickers on it!