Can I Make up and Wear Contact Lens ?

Can I Make up and Wear Contact Lens ?


Because some makeups are volatile and can irritate sometimes, you might wonder if it is a good idea to make up with your contact lenses on ?


The answer is positive, but only if your respect few important rules. Try to always use the best products with as less chemicals as possible. Prefer hypoallergenic products, with natural fragrance or oil because they are better for your contact lenses and won’t irritate you eyes. We recommend you not to wear fake eyelashes with your contact lenses.


In general, It is better to make up before wearing contact lenses and take off your contact lenses after your makeup is removed. To avoid the risks you should dismiss mascaras because you could damage your contact lenses, especially with the “volume effect” brush. But If you really need to wear mascara you must be careful and use water proof mascara, it won’t leak on your eyes or on your contact lenses if you sweat or cry. Try to avoid as well makeup glitter, loose powder, eyeshadow or hairspray they all contain small particles that could stick to your contact lenses.


If you have puffy eyes due to an irritation an eye infection or an allergy, you should avoid both makeup and contact lenses.


If even with all these precautions you still feel a discomfort, if your vision is not clear or if your eye is irritated due to makeup as powder dropped on it , then don’t hesitate to remove your contact lenses.

Before removing your contact lenses wash your hands carefully with soap and dry them. Once the contact lenses are removed you can clean, rinse and soak them in multi-purpose solution care.

Now you can take your time to remove all your makeup, then it is now that you can put back your clean and safe contact lenses on your eyes.


Conclusion, yes it is possible to make up and wear contact lenses at the same time but you have to be careful that no cosmetic powder or other makeup is going on your eye to avoid irritation or eye infection.


Contact lenses are always safe, only contact lenses users can sometimes be unsafe !