Can I wear my Contact Lenses on The Beach ?

Can I wear my Contact Lenses on The Beach ?


Summer and long holidays are coming and as a good tourist you want to enjoy pleasures of the beach. You also want to have a perfect vision wearing corrective or cosmetic colored contact lenses because you care about your style.

You are wondering if it’s a good idea to wear circle lenses in this hostile environment ?


To answer this question you have to understand that there are three main dangers that you should care about, here they are.


At first sand is quite volatile, it can easily be moved by wind, kids playing around and running while you are laying on your towel or by people playing volleyball or football. With all this animation around you there is a possibility that some grains of sand stick to your contact lenses while you are wearing them on. The highest risk is that a grain will stick between your cornea and your contact lens. When you get sand in your eyes, the right thing to do is to remove your contact lens, clean and disinfect it with the multi-purpose solution care that you are supposed to always have with you, even on the beach. We recommend you to do this only once that you are protected from the wind if you don’t want to make it worst.


The second dangerous factor is of course the sea water, which is full of salt coming from the sand, bacteria and amoebas in suspension. If you wish to swim with your contact lenses on, you risk anytime to be splattered with sea water. So, remember to close your eyes when playing in waves or wear swimming goggles. The safest option is of course not to wear your contact lenses when playing in the sea.


The other risk is the sun. It can dehydrate your eyes and your contact lenses. Ultraviolets are also dangerous for your eye and contrary to popular belief, even contact lenses with UV protection coating can’t protect your eyes 100%. The white part of the eyes will always exposed to the sun, so it is necessary to always wear sunglasses in addition to your contact lenses.


Conclusion, if you are heading to the beach and need to wear contact lenses to correct your vision or for cosmetic purpose it is always better to wear sunglasses in addition. Sunglasses will protect you from wind, sun UV and even splatter at the same time.

Even if the beach looks like a paradise place, it could become a nightmare if you don’t take good precautions for your contact lenses.


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Last recommendation, to fully enjoy the beach don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen or at least moisturize it with sun oil.