Can we Cry when Wearing Korean Circle Lenses

Can we Cry when Wearing

Korean Circle Lenses?



We are all sensitive and we cry from sadness or happiness, this is part of life.

Because as most people you wear your contact lenses or Korean lenses daily, you can be sure that one day you will have to cry with your contact lenses on. You are probably wondering if crying is contraindicated and a problem when wearing lenses.

First of all remember that we are talking about circle lenses also called Korean lenses. These Korean lenses are best sales in Asia and USA, the colored part of the lenses has a diameter larger than other contact lenses and your iris. This bigger size make the illusion that your eyes are bigger than usual. In the west, color lenses were popularized by the singer Lady Gaga few years ago.

You have to know that circle lenses as any other lenses need to remain in humid place, if they stay in a dry atmosphere your color lenses will dry and this could be dangerous for your eyes.

If you are suffering of Eye Dryness you will have to use special eye drops (collyrium) because of course you can’t use the multifunction solution which is not made to put directly into your eyes. The best for your eyes and your contact lenses is physiological serum which is very neutral and close to human tears. Tears have a positive effect on your contact lenses because they can moisturize and lubricate them.

However you have to know that it is not possible to rub your eyes when you are crying, actually this is what people usually do, but with contact lenses on rubbing your eyes will give you itching and tingling.

On the other side, if you cry for too long with your lenses on and you are having a lot of tears, the excess of salt contained in lachrymal fluid can make your eyes uncomfortable and blur your vision. In this case do not hesitate to take off your contact lenses by having first cleaned and dried your hands. Once your Korean lenses are off, wipe your eyes with a paper towel or tissue to clean the excess water. Put back your lenses in their case after cleaning them with special lens care solution.

So do not panic if you are going to cry with your circle lenses on, this is not the end of the world and you won’t have any problem.

If you have a big sorrow or you are laughing out loud, simple and efficient solutions exist. The most important is to always have paper towels or hanky in your bag plus lens care solution and a lens case when you are on the go.

So the answer to the question is YES it is possible to cry when we wear contact lenses, but the goal in life is not to cry too often and laugh instead.