Can we Trust Korean Circle Lens Brands

Can we Trust Korean Circle Lens Brands ?


You are maybe wondering how to make the first step and follow the trend of the moment to wear circle lenses also called color lenses or contact lenses. You may first need to know if you can trust the market and buy contact lenses online or in an optical store. A circle lens is a small accessory applied on your eye so it is right to try to know what you are going to buy, especially because an eye is something quite hard to replace in case of any problem.


First of all you need to know that problems can occur with any contact lenses if you do not respect the elementary rules of hygiene. Hundred millions people wear circle lenses everyday in the world, so if these accessories were dangerous we would know it.

You have to know that if you want to avoid any risk of cut or infection the best choice you can make is to choose soft circle lenses instead of hard lenses. Soft lenses are disposable and can be used daily up to 1 year.


Another important rule is to be really careful when you decide to buy color lenses. You have to choose trusted brands because they are safe and offer the best quality products. You can find online on forums or blogs all the information that you need to know about color lenses, thousand of color lens users will share with you their experience or feeling. By listening their opinions about contact lenses you will have you own idea about what brand or size of contact lens is better for you.

There is also a good way to know if your contact lenses are safe. Find out if your circle lenses meet standards as European (CE) or USA (FDA) and ISO certification.

On our online store we propose to our customers the best value circle lenses with the best reputation on the market, these brands are Geo Medical, Dueba, Vassen and Dreamcon. These brands offer the best quality criteria for safety, durability and comfort.
All our contact lenses from our catalog are traceable thanks to an efficient anti-fake system. The circle lenses that we propose you are all made in Korea the leader country of contact lens market. The choice of Korean lens in design, size or pattern is unbelievable, they have created more different series of lenses that you can even imagine.


To order your circle lenses you need to be wise and choose the best circle lenses seller. Our online store is the leader on the market, you trust us we care you! We like to give the best service to our customer, we have a very responsive customer service and we propose prices and promotions which make our competitors pretty sick. For example we offer you 1 free pair of lenses if you buy 2 others pairs, but also if you buy 5 pairs you’ll get 2 more free pairs. Our last promotion allows you to get 5 more pairs for free if you buy 10 pairs of circle lenses on our shop and you will never find this offer anywhere else. Thanks to our quality genuine products and our prices is enjoying a solid reputation on the Internet. We ship worldwide and we give you free EMS when you buy 5 pairs at least.


Do not forget when your order is delivered: do not forget that hygiene has to be irreproachable, we are taking about your own hygiene and the lenses hygiene. While manipulating your circle lenses you have to make sure that your hands have been cleaned with soap. To clean and keep your lenses you need a special lens care solution and you must rinse them before and after every use, then you have to keep your contact lenses safe in a lens case (free for each pair at, they must soak every night in a contact lenses multi-solution.


Once you will have tried your circle lenses, you won’t be able to live without them anymore, because they will make you feel so special and so beautiful.