CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Chocolate Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Bambi WMM-304 Brown

Chocolate Contact Lens Review Geo Mimi Bambi WMM-304 Brown


[] geo bambi series chocolate brown review

I recently ordered some contact lenses from and one of these were the GEO Bambi Chocolate Brown lens. I’ve owned a pair of GEO Bambi green lens before so I was sure these were gonna be great and they were.



Solution-lens’ customer service is just superb. They are doing a buy two pair get one pair free special so I had to write which lens I wanted as the free pair. But I accidently put down the wrong link and I only realised after they sent me an email with my order. I asked if I could change it and they responded really quickly to my email and changed my order for me.


I put the order in on 21/05/13 and I recieved the parcel on 04/06/13 so it arrived in exactly 2 weeks as was stated on the website. The parcel was wrapped very nicely with bubble wrap (which I couldn’t stop playing with) and a little woven box. I thought the stickers on the parcel was very cute too :)

Solution-lens also included two little free gifts which was a pair of earrings and a cute pen which I’m actually using now because it’s very smooth and nice to use









I really liked the colour of these lens because they were pretty natural in general and the gradient in the middle makes it all the more natural-looking. This also gives the eyes a nice doll like effect.

The colour is very clear in sunlight and indoor lighting even without flash


The bambi series is definitely a comfortable one for a 15mm lens. I wore it for 6 hours and only experienced a little bit of dryness with no redness present. It’s also a very thin lens series so you can barely tell it’s there.


The enlargement is very obvious without it giving the eye a ‘straining’ look. The black ring on the outside also gives the illusion of the eye being rounder and bigger.


I expected no less from the Bambi Series since the green one I previously owned and I reckon the brown one is a very good choice for any occasion since it’s very natural looking. It’s comfortable so wearing it for a long time will be fine.

I have very high regards for for their good customer service and also their cheap price and I will definitely buy from them again. The only thing that I would want them to change is that they do not sell EOS lens. But they do have a huge range of GEO, Vassen and Deuba lens.


Permanent circle lens giveaway:


What is the natural color of your eyes?

Dark Brown

What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands?

The Bambi Series – Apple Green

Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?)

I only wear contacts for cosplay but I prefer the GEO brand

Accessibility of website

It was very easy to use with everything in categories, but I thought it would’ve been better if there were more images of what the lenses looked like.

OVERALL LOOK (luvo time =w=)



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