Choose the Right Sport to Wear Contact Lens

Choose the Right Sport to Wear Contact Lens


Wearing glasses while playing sport if often a handicap to be very competitive and performing, they can be harmful for the eyes. Soft contact lenses offer the best solution for sportswoman and sportsman needing a vision correction. You can wear soft contact lenses to play mostly any sport, but practicing some sports with contact lenses on might be dangerous. Let us explain.

Running and jogging

If you like to run you have already noticed that wearing glasses at the same time is a nightmare, they slide from your nose because of your sweat, they can fall dawn and reduce your field of vision. Even if today you can find glasses made with light material, aerodynamic and thin frame giving you a better field of vision, soft contact lenses will correct your vision and set you free in the meantime. With soft contact lenses you can move free and jump, shake your head or put your head down for stretching your muscle without loosing them. If you plan to run outside and it is sunny then you don’t need your sunglasses, because you can choose to wear UV protection contact lens, this model has a special coating to ban ultraviolet and protect your eyes. This UV protection is not recommended for extended exposure under high sun light as in the mountain during the winter and at the sea. In this cases you might wear sunglasses with your contact lenses or circle lenses on.

Ball sports

You have probably seen or played one of these sports as football (soccer), handball, basketball, squash, tennis or badminton, and you understand that it’s difficult to wear glasses and keep them on, excepted some rare sportsmen or sportswomen who have special and expensive glasses, the rest of them wear contact lenses. Sport professionals prefer contact lenses because they feel free and nothing is in their field of vision, they can plainly enjoy a full visual angle.



Cycling, and motor sport involving speed

When playing sports like bicycling, riding motorcycle or any other sport involving speed, it is generally recommended to wear special prescrition glasses or goggles to correct vision and not being dazzled. If you wear corrective contact lenses or circle lenses while playing these sports, goggles or simple protection glasses will be very useful to protect your contact lenses from dust, mud, water splash, in brief almost anything that can cause infection.

The combination of contact lenses + glasses is a very smart way to protect your eyes and enjoy your sport 100%.


Swimming is one of the rare sports for which using contact lenses is to avoid. It is true for swimming pool, fresh water or sea water. Many bacteria are in these different kind of waters, they might be a risk to develop on the contact lens and make an eye infection. An eye infection is often very easy to cure but sometimes the damages can be irreversible. Ophthalmologists recommend to wear special correction goggles or correction swimming mask instead of contact lenses.

Now you better know what you can do or not with your contact lenses. These recommendations work for corrective contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses as well. If you want to be pretty or handsome while playing sport and get eyes matching your sportswear clothes then you should have a closer look at our circle lenses catalogues.