Christmas and New Year Makeup Ideas

Christmas and New Year Makeup Ideas




Sexy Red Lips Makeup for Christmas & New Year



Are you ready for the upcoming Christmas & New Year’s Eve?

Christmas is not only the time to exchange gifts, it is also the time to look your best all day all night. This is the time to put on your new favorite sexy black lace dress, adorable heels and cool accessories for your festive parties.

Christmas is the time for good moments and good chances. Make sure that you always look pretty and be ready for all parties. Add the magic touch to your look with our dazzle celebrity makeup ideas.

Let’s add the amazing dazzle glow to your look now just like the celebrities.




First of all clear, smooth and fresh skin is very important to allow you to create your wish glamour makeup looks. Don’t ignore your every day skin care routine to avoid bad complexion or other skin problems.

Always choose the right foundation, concealer, powder and blush for your skin type. They also should have the tone that matches your skin to bright out the best look.




Bold lips is a forever classic makeup style, then red, orange or mauve lipsticks are the best colors to bring you the sexy gorgeous look and allow you to stand out from the crowd. If you focus on bright and bold lips, make sure to keep the rest of makeup look soft. 

You can also add a bit of lip gloss over the lip color at the middle of your lips to make your lips fuller.




Korean colored contact lenses are in this season. You can’t be ready for this Christmas & New Year’s eve party without getting them on.

You can always choose your look with these Korean contact lenses, they are the key for your glamour look this season. They not only change the color of your eyes, but also give you a chance to experience something new and look more beautiful. You can even match the color of your eyes with your sexy outfit.

We recommend you to try the trendy smokey eye makeup that can be created to complement your eye color and skin tone. You can’t go wrong with this style and we are sure that you will look the best for your festive moment.




Don’t forget to carry your lipstick, powder, papers and concealer along with you to touch up your makeup if you are going to an overnight party.

Heavy Gothic eye look is not recommended for Christmas, instead try to look different with our celebrity eye makeup ideas: Golden makeup style, Brown smokey eyes or Ivory eyes and bold lips makeup.

With our dazzle celebrity look ideas, we are sure that you are going to be the belle of the party this Christmas and New Year !