Christmas Makeup and New Year Make up

Christmas Makeup and New Year Make-Up


Stars and celebrities are crazy about the”smoky eyes” look. This kind of makeup trend has maybe already got your attention after having seen stars as Kim Kardashian, Keira Knightly, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum or Kristen Stewart walking on red carpets with their smoky eyes style. All these celebrities never go out without their smoky eyes makeup, it’s their main trick to be always sexy and chic.



Try the smoky eyes look for long party nights is a good idea and really easy to make. Follow our smoky eyes step by step tutorial to look like your favorite celebrities very quickly. 

Dont’ forget to get the right accessories as good brushes, the best cosmetic products and the trendiesr accessorie that are color lenses.


Step by step smoky eyes tutorial


1. Start to apply a base eyeshadow to make sure that your eyeshadow will last all night long, then apply your mat eyeshadow which is the same color as your skin on your upper and lower eyelid. Start with the eyeshadow from the base of your upper and lower eyelashes and spread it gently.


2. Apply a black base cream eyeshadow or a gel eyeliner on the lower part of your eyelid and spread it up. 

3. Now choose a brown or gray eyeshadow and apply it on the eyelid part where the base cream has been applied earlier, blend the eyeshadow and spread it until the top part of your eyelid, stop at the gap of the brow ridge. 

4. Use a lighter brown tone just above the gap of your brow ridge then try to blend with the brown and black eyeshadows to obtain the final expected color. You can add more light brown eyeshadow on your eyelid to get a perfect transition.


5. Use the same light brown under your eyes on the lower eyelid to create the “smoky” effect, it will round your eyes. At this point your eyes look bigger and sexier. 

6. Draw the upper line of your eyelashes with a black makeup pencil or gel pencil. Draw the line out of the limit of your eyes. Dab on the line black eyeshadow to help it last longer, this is a tip that every makeup artist professional knows. You can make illusion that your eyes are lighter by drawing a pink or white tiny dot on the tear line. 

To finalize this celebrity makeup take care of your eyelashes by making them longer, use mascara and false lashes of the length that you need but try to keep a natural look. We recommend you to keep your skin mat, you can use blush powder to finish the makeup on your face.


A red or orange lipstick is perfect for a Christmas or New Year party and very important, don’t forget the main accessory to complete this makeup and bring magic to your look. We are talking of course about the color contact lenses. The best choice is to choose gray circle lenses which can blend with your eye color and give a beautiful natural result.


We are sure that this smoky eyes makeup is the secret which can allow you to change your style and turn into a chic and trendy diva in an instant.

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