Circle Lens with Natural or Stunning Effect ?

Circle Lens with Natural or Stunning Effect ?


You want to wear colored contact lenses, but you don’t know which ones to buy ! You don’t know what kind of circle lens to wear for a daily, casual use or special event like a first date, a party or a professional event ?

Let’s start by making the difference between two circle lenses categories, natural looking circle lenses and extraordinary circle lenses.


Of course we cannot choose for you which kind of circle lens will suit you the most because there is no rule about it. You have to decide by yourself and try on different styles. Listen to your mood and your feeling to make the best choice.


The natural circle lens will be noticed by other people as the normal color of your eyes, it will blend with the color of your eyes and will match your skin and hair color. Most contact lens designs contain transparent areas to see the real color of your eyes, circle lenses have pattern and color printed on it, they will blend with your iris to create a new special one.


On dark eyes, only the clear color printed on the contact lens will blend with your eye color.


People with natural light eye color can enjoy more circle lens colors, and choose to wear dark colors like, dark blue, dark green, dark gray, black… The good news for these people is that they can enjoy wearing light colors as well. The target is to highlight the look, to bring light and intensity. Natural circle lenses are a real asset for seduction or just capture people attention.


Extraordinary or theatrical circle lenses can also improve your power of seduction. They are different from natural contact lenses because they will really change the color of your eyes. The good thing is that if somebody that you have never met before sees you he will probably never notice that your eye color is not real.



We can say about extraordinary contact lens that there are two sub-categories:


– Transparent contact lens with atypical colors like pink, purple or yellow and beautiful designs made of geometrical shapes, one single circle lens can contain up to four tones (4-tone circle lens)


– Opaque circle lens: this contact lens can be wonderful if you totally want to change your eye color because it will cover your real iris color. You can follow your imagination and try crazy things like having electric blue eyes, emerald green or even turn into a creature like a lizard, a cat, a werewolf, a dragon, etc… You can even find ”glow in the dark” circle lenses.


Now that you have more information about circle lenses, all you need to do is to try on different designs and decide which one is your favorite.

The good point is that a pair of circle lens costs around $19 which is very cheap.

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