Circle Lenses and Muslim Ramadan

Circle Lenses and Muslim Ramadan


You are Muslim and you want to want to be in osmosis with the precepts of Islam and with the Sunnah. It is then normal to wonder in case of doubts: “Is it possible to wear circle lenses during Ramadan” ? Of course holly Qurʾan doesn’t mention the use of contact lenses because they didn’t exist when the holly book was written but there is a way to know if there is an answer to this question.


First of all as you maybe know, during Ramadan it is forbidden to do anything after the sunrise and until the sunset. It is not allowed to drink water or alcohol, eat food, or use drugs and medicines. If you wear contact lenses it could be a problem because sometimes you need to use eye care solution to moisturize your eyes. While using solution care liquids your body might absorb some drops of liquid because the water follow the lachrymal duct to finish in your throat then your stomach.


Islam doesn’t forbid to someone to use drugs if you take them to cure health problem. This is the case for the people who have vision has issues, these persons can suffer of myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. People with vision troubles will need contact lenses with correction to manage their daily life as usual, so wearing circle lenses for medical use won’t break the Ramadan fast.


Also, wearing circle lenses which are used as accessories to change the color of your eyes from brown to green or blue is tolerated by Islam law during Ramadan time. Color lenses are tolerated depending on the purpose, and if you want to wear them to be attractive to your husband it is ok. But if you wear circle lens with the goal to seduce others guys then forget it, it is not allowed.


Still in the case that you wear circle color lenses without correction you have to prefer using disposable soft color lenses. Soft circle lenses need less care than hard lenses, once you feel your eyes dry you just need to take them off and throw them away. You won’t need to use cleansing or moisturizing solution with soft lenses, but you’ll have to wear your favorite color lenses lens than usual for more safety, maybe 6 to 7 hours maximum. Also, very important!! Do not forget to respect the elementary rules of hygiene while manipulating your circle lenses.


The last point, if you are ready to use contact lenses as an accessory then you you should use color lenses affordable and cheap because Islam doesn’t allow luxury during Ramadan. Muslim religion consider lust as a sin especially during Ramadan period. Lust is a useless waste. it is translated in arabic by “haram”.

Circle lenses brands tolerated for Ramadan are Geo, Dueba and Vassen you can enjoy them before, after and during Ramadan. Have a look at we have special circle lenses for Ramadan and Muslim people.