Circle Lenses Japanese Manga Style

Circle Lenses Japanese Manga Style


Manga eyes circle lenses


Are you attracted buy Japanese culture and comic books called “Manga” ?

Numerous color lens designs available on offer you the opportunity to look like your favorite Japanese manga heroes, these circle lenses will be perfect to complete a Halloween cosplay or another party like a cosplay gathering, birthday party, New Year’s Eve, but you can even wear these circle lenses everyday to go to work or school.

Among the various choices, let’s talk for example about the black and red opaque Korean cosplay lenses series inspired from the famous manga character Naruto: Geo CP-S1 Naruto Sharingan Ushiwa, but also the Geo CP-S3 Naruto Mangekyo Sharigan Itachi, Geo CP-K4, Naruto Mangekyo Sharigan Kakashi, Geo SP-S9 Naruto Mangekyo Saringan Madara, and the Geo Cp-S8 Naruto Mangekyo Sharigan Susake.

Most of the time in manga books and manga anime, there are always characters represented with huge eyes. You can look like them with Korean circle lenses. We assure you that all our circle lenses are genuine Korean brands made with high quality material which guaranty a perfect comfort and a total safety. Your safety means everything for us.

Indeed, we select only high end circle lenses meeting the world’s most important standards, like European (CE), American (FDA) or international (ISO).

For example we propose high quality cosplay blue circle lenses like Dueba Pure, Vassen Kirei or Geo Nova WT-B42, we also have beautiful green circle lenses, like the Geo Nova WT-B43 or Vassen Allure. If your favorites color is brown then you will like the Geo Angel CM-834 or Geo Grang Grang HC 244. With these circle lenses you’ll look like your favorite manga hero who can be a male or female. our Korean lenses will improve your physical appearance and your personality adding intensity into your look.

You can follow your imagination and your fantasy inspired by the japanese manga culture like the most famous characters: Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Shingeki no Kyojin, Akira, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gamaran, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Death Note, One Peace, Black Jack, Black Jack, detective Conan, Golgo 13, etc…



Thanks to, you are able to choose between thousand of Korean contact lenses designs. Our “Cosplay Animation” product range counts more than hundred designs dedicated to Cosplay and Halloween, with its electric colors and supernaturel designs as alien eyes, cat eyes, dragon eyes and more than you can imagine. We even have color lenses with silver or golden colors like the Vassen Kirei Gold, but also red Korean lenses like Vassen margarita or the impressive Geo Black Magic Color WCK-113 and pink Vassen Cici.

In brief, whatever the character you decide to play there will always be a pair of circle lenses that you need for a very affordable price.

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