Clan C Korean Brand Tells us Nice Stories

Clan C Korean Brand Tells us Nice Stories


It’s apparently inevitable to start being interested by kid fashion. Sign that it becomes more and more interesting or maybe am I getting older by switching on the Mum mode ?

When someone proposed me to discover Clan C, a new brand from Korea I didn’t want to miss it.


Clan C is one of the rare colorful brand which is more beautiful when we come closer and discover the tinny details. It is a well made brand for kids, eccentric, generous and creative which can communicate with kids who are connected with their interior world.


Does your child have imaginary friends? Does your kid like to create stories instead of trying to copy adult stuff?

The designer Kim Jung Sun, who I was lucky to meet was a former child books illustrator, she now creates inventive clothes for children allowing kids to be everyday heroes. The brand logo is by the way itself an imaginary friend with a fulfilled life and many friends, his “clan”.

Between beautiful and necessary, Clan C store is full of affordable items for girls and boys, with many details and accessories stylish and vibrant. Organic cotton shirts, polos and hats for princess and knights, beautiful shoes…

We are big fans of items able to improve the appearance of an infant aware and independent, but we still wish that our child won’t grow up too fast.



I have a real crush on Korean brand Clan C, because the designer has the sense of details. She’s an adept of the “Made with Love” which reminds me Korean fashion.

In Korea it is usual to mix colors and patterns, it’s called ”vintage cute” (this wonderful moment where you put bow tight in your hairs without feeling stupid).

Cute isn’t it ? Chou, n’est-ce pas ?

Many mothers and grandmas are already heading the Clan C shops in USA. for a shopping time with affordable prices (it should be noticed).

This high quality Korean brand only uses beautiful and good materials and I wish that I could dress up my son or a friend’s son as soon as possible with these wonderful Korean clothes.