Color Contact Lens for People Having Allergy

Color Contact Lens for People Having Allergy


Allergies to pollen, fungus, feather, insect bites, medicine, food or animals fur and more concern 20% of the population in USA. This is caused mostly by the pollution of the air.


An allergy doesn’t have the same consequences to everyone, symptoms can be different to one person to another. Allergy can give asthma, rashes, sneezing, itching, hives… Eyes can be affected by tears, become red, suffer from conjunctivitis. The worst consequences of an allergy will be Quincke’s edema (angioedema), it can be lethal because a suffocation caused by airway obstruction can occur.


If you have eye allergy and you wish to switch from your glasses to contact lenses with correction or just circle lenses to change the color of your eyes, then you have to know that issues can raise. The best move before enjoying the experience of wearing circle lenses is to consult a practitioner or an eyes specialist like an ophthalmologist and follow carefully his recommendations or prescriptions.

Wearing contact lenses with eye allergy can be really painful and injure your eyes so be really careful about what your are going to do with contact lenses.

Actually when your eyes are experiencing an allergy you will feel itchy and of course you will rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes even if your hands are clean is the best way to spread bacterias and germs and raise the risk of infections. There is also another risk to increase your eye allergy, it is due to allergens in the air that can land on your contact lenses and cause allergic reactions. If you are in the situation of having eyes allergy you might prefer to use daily circle lenses, that can be used only one day.


To soothe itching sensations in case you are already experiencing eyes allergy you might apply a cold compress on your eyes for few minutes. If you don’t feel better after that, you might visit a specialist right away, please don’t wait and go to meet an eye specialist or an allergist.


If you have allergic conjunctivitis occurring you should not wear any soft or hard contact lenses until you have totally recovered. To heal totally you have to clean your eyes few times per day to kill bacterias by using a sterile eye care solution.


You must also know that some people are allergic to some eye care solutions that contain a preservative called Thimerosal which is also used in vaccines. So when buying your multi-solution, be sure that you are not allegic to any of its ingredients. You should carefully read the label of any solution that you might buy and ask recommendations to an optician.