Color Contact Lenses for Kids

Color Contact Lenses for Kids


From the age of 8, girls start to worry about their appearance, this is why wearing glasses at this age could be difficult for them. At school other kids will probably mock the one with glasses, the one who looks different, this can give an inferiority complex to a little girl or a little boy. For young kids glasses are not convenient to play and run, they also reduce the field of vision. Of course you are wondering how old is the best age to wear circle lenses? Eight years old is a bit too young to wear contact lenses, but what about older kids?

Generally an ophthalmologist doesn’t give prescription lenses to a child younger than 10 years, but officially there is no age prohibited by medicine.

It depends of the child but the thing to know is if your child is aware of dangers enough, has motivation or requested to wear color lenses. You have to know if your child is responsible and grown up enough to respect the care that circle lenses need. An ocular infection can raise if your son or daughter doesn’t respect the basic rules of hygiene to care color circle lenses. For example your child has to clean his hands cautiously and dry them before touching circle lenses otherwise he can get an eye dry syndrome.

Think that your child has to be independent because sometimes he will be alone to manipulate the contact lenses as at school for example, no one will help him or her in that situation. If your little girl really wants to wear contact lenses you are going to train her and make her repeat again and again all the gestures needed for lens care, which involve cleaning lenses with solution, put the circle lens on and taking it off. Make a daily practice with your child until your are sure that he is ready. Remind to your daughter or your son that it is not possible to wear circle lenses more than 8 hours a day and that it is necessary to take off the circle lenses when she or he is going to swim.

Indeed this is the job of the parents to know if their kids are grown up enough and responsible. You will get the answer that you are looking for by watching at your child daily, for example you can notice if your child can do alone his homeworks, tidy up her or his bedroom, take a shower, brush his teeth without you having to repeat to do it all the time. When a kid is autonomous he can wear contact lenses everyday.

Daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses are available on the market; they are soft, comfortable, easy to use and convenient to care. We recommend you to prefer soft lenses because there is no risk to be harm while wearing them instead of hard circle lenses. For a child, soft color lenses are more adapted for a daily use.

About cosmetic color lenses without correction there is no contraindication ether, children only have to follow the basic rules of care including hygiene care. The aim of cosmetic lenses is just fashion and they are made to change your children look, this is why we recommend you to wait as long as you can to let your children wear color circle lenses, adolescence is the best time to start wearing color lenses.