Color Contact Lenses for People with Dry Eyes

Color Contact Lenses for People with Dry Eye


Every one wear contact color lenses but in some few cases you have to make sure that you are able to wear them without risk, we are going to explain you why.


Dry eyes is a symptom that can arise because of different reasons. Having insufficient tears, usually because of the lachrymal glands which are supposed to keep your eyes moisturized, is common with old people. Dry eyes can also be the result of allergy, an anormality in the chemistry of tears or simply because of the air you are in, for example air loaded with dust, dirt, smoke or dry air. Air condition as you can find in offices is often too dry and can make your eyes dry too.


In general, you have to avoid fan or air-con wind coming directly to your eyes to avoid experiencing dry eyes annoyance. It is also common for some people to have dry eyes while practicing outdoor sport related to speed like ski, motorbike, horse-riding. In case you practice this kind of sport you might prefer to wear glasses or mask to protect your eyes when wearing contact lenses.


Finally dry eyes can be due to soft contact lenses because the material used to make these lenses need water to be moisturized. In case the air is too dry the lenses will dry too and like a sponge the lenses will absorb the water naturally made by your eyes. This is why sometimes you feel your eyes dry then itchy. To avoid this particular problem we recommend you to use hard contact lenses instead, because they need 30% less water than soft contact lenses.


Replying to the question “Is it possible to wear contact lenses when I have Dry eyes?”, is actually not as simple as it seems. The best to do in case of any doubt is to visit an ophthalmologist who will tell you if your are able to wear color lenses or not.


If you wear contact lenses for the first time you have to pay attention to your eyes. It means that if you feel that your eyes are itchy, irritated or dry you must worry and find a solution.

First try to moisturize your eyes with a lens care solution made for eyes. In fact your eyes can be dry just because of the air surrounding you. If your are still experiencing dry eyes then you should take off your circle lenses an go ask for recommendations to a specialist, an ophthalmologist or an optician at least.


It is actually possible to wear contact lenses when you have dry eyes but the best is to wear them for a shorter time than other people and ask recommendations to a practitioner in case of trouble.