Color Lens Free Delivery to India

Color Lens Free Delivery to India

Hi there i m from India,, how soon will i receive my lenses once ordered through a standard shipping

Dear customer,​

Thank you for your message​, if you order now your parcel will be sent today before 5pm or tomorrow morning latest.​

​- Shipping is always free and we send orders from Europe or Asia depending on stock and selected products , delivery takes around 10 days (5 days by Express). ​We also offer a tracking number for all orders and all orders are sent as if your friend was sending you a gift, without company name and invoice to make sure that nobody has to pay any tax.
– When contact lenses are not available it is written OUT OF STOCK on the page, if you order them you will have to wait 2 months to receive them. We do not send first what is available and will send your order when it will be complete, so if you do not want to wait just select products that are not out of stock.

​- ​Prices are displayed in USD and ​the correct price is the one you see on each product pages, not always $19.90 for some lenses, this is why a price is written on each product page.​ ​
​- ​Customers pay the price displayed after adding products to their cart and free lenses cannot be added to the cart ​, only copy the links to the pages of the free lenses that you choose in the “Comment box” that you will see under the shipping address fields.​
​ ​- Most of our contact lenses cost $19.90 but we are sorry that our suppliers have raised some prices and some contact lenses are more expensive because they are “Out of stock” (pre-order), But anyway as we offer a free pair when you buy 2 pairs our shop is still the cheapest on Internet. We offer the best prices for circle lenses and we are the only shop with permanent promotions and free shipping, so please take advantage of our deals and enjoy the best color lenses available on the market.​
– Our permanent promotions are “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, “Buy 5 Get ​3 Free”, “Buy 10 Get 5 Free with Express shipping” and all the lenses must be purchased at the same time to qualify for promotion.
​- ​You can choose any pair of lenses but if you select lenses that cost more than $19.90 the total of your order will be over $39.80, $99 and $199 (prices that you can see on our store are calculated when ordering only $19.90 contacts).
​- Free pairs cannot cost more than the cheapest of your paid pairs: it means that if there is at least 1 pair that cost $19.90 in your order you can only choose free pairs that cost $19.90, but if your paid pairs all cost $24.90 or $29.90 you can choose free pairs that cost $24.90 or $29.90.
​- You can buy and mix any lens brands or colors to get free pairs.
– Free pairs can also be any lens but cannot cost more than the cheapest of your paid pairs​.


​​- To order​,​ only add the pairs that you buy to your cart and copy in “Comment box” just before payment the links to your free pairs.
​- All orders are shipped with a tracking number and orders of 10 pairs at least are shipped by Express mail when available to destination country (also with tracking number). ​ You must sign a receipt to receive your order.​
​- ​We declare a value of $15 to avoid customs tax and never use any courier/cargo service ​as Fedex, UPS or DHL ​or you would have to pay customs duty: we only use public post office Express service and your post will deliver your parcel (need signature). Standard delivery (less than ​10 pairs) takes around 2 weeks and Express delivery (​10 pairs at least) takes a maximum of 5 days. ​ Our customers never had to pay any customs duty.​​


– We sell 100% authentic contact lenses from Korea but only Geo brand products are sold with an authenticity sticker, check your lenses on this website:
​​- All the contact lenses that we sell, Geo, Dueba and Vassen brands, are some of the safest and most comfortable color lenses that you will find and they are especially recommended for sensitive eyes. We do not sell other brands because they are not as good. We offer free lens cases for every pair of contact lenses that we send, even free pairs.
​- We sell only plano contact lenses without correction/degree/RX.
– We only sell soft contact lenses and you do not need a prescription.
– You can keep our contact lenses 5 years if they are not opened.
​​- As our shop is the easiest on which you can order contact lenses you just need to follow these links to see our complete catalogues:


​​- All contact lenses must be purchased within the same order number and shipped to the same address to be eligible for free pairs. We only accept to send 5 free pairs to different addresses to people who use our dropshipping service and have already bought 10 pairs shipped to different addresses:
​​You can pay by credit card on Paypal or on our bank credit card system and you do not need to open a Paypal account to use this service.​
​Buy 2 Get 1 Free: you can buy 2 pairs of any contact lens (any brand any color) and choose 1 more pair for free (any brand any color).​​
We are waiting for your order but you can contact us again if you need any assistance.


Best regards,
Your customer service

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