Color Lens Review Dueba King Circle Lens from Korean Lens Store

Color Lens Review Dueba King Circle Lens from Korean Lens Store


Do you remember how cute are gyaru Japanese models? And have you ever dreamed to get the same vividly gorgeous eyes? It’s easy with, as most of gyaru gal (girls) models wear colored contact lenses as these Dueba King series contacts seen on this catalogue and that are the most popular contact lenses in Japan, Asian girls always choosing the best accessories to complement their perfect gyaru look.

If you want contact lenses to complement your angelic look and you need contact lenses that can give you more than a subtle look or a simple natural look, then Dueba King series are the best contact lenses that you can find for your gyaru style and also to just change your look to impress someone with your incredible eyes.

The Dueba King series contact lenses have a design very similarto those of Geo Angel series but the spikes are bigger and the bold dark ring around the outer is much thicker than Geo Angel series, and it achieves a real Dolly eye appearance as the gyaru style. The color in these series is very special and blends very well with your natural eye color to show a vivid striking color of black, blue, brown, gray, green, pink and violet, so you can match these contact lenses with your mood and enjoy your gyaru fashion style every day.

And these Dueba King lenses do not only match the gyaru fashion but they also are the perfect complement for many other styles, so you can wear them on any occasion from ordinary day at work to a special occasion or ceremony.

Thanks to these lenses you can add a lot of charm to your eyes and express yourself very easily, as an attractive housewife, adorable assistant at office, sweet customer at the bank or naughty sexy witch at a costume party.

The best thing about these Dueba King contact lenses is that you can express your own fashion style differently every day, so be happy and enjoy this set of Dueba contact lens your own way now.