Color Lens Review Dueba Magnum Caviar Circle Lens from Korean Lens Store

Color Lens Review Dueba Magnum Caviar Circle Lens from Korean Lens Store


Korean trends are spreading in many countries throughout the world thanks to Korean series, Korean makeup, Korean fashion, and Korean style in general, and more and more people like Korean style known under the name of Ulzzang style or Uljjang style.

Ulzzang is a Korean word which means “Pretty Face” and it is usually used for Korean style of clothing, stylish makeup, stylish hair, and everything that is cute and fun as Korean people like it.

Ulzzang style is for both girls and guys that are called F.O.B for “Fresh of Boat”, and people love this style not only in Asia but also more and more in Europe and America. People who were previously loving Japanese style now love Korean style.

But how to have a perfect Ulzzang style? All you need is a cute face and circle lenses or big eyes, the most important accessory that you need for this ulzzang fashion to transform yourself into perfect ulzzang boys and girls.

Circle lenses are essential to look like a doll and this is the main point of these ulzzang style, and if you are looking for the most famous color contact lenses Korean style Dueba Magnum Caviar circle lenses are the ones that you need to follow this ulzzang fashion. These caviar contact lenses are perfect to complement your ulzzang look as they offer a black ring design that creates a misty halo of sweet doll look and blend with your eyes color to create a new vibrant color, all this making your eyes more noticeable and intriguing.

Now you can enjoy the best Ulzzang style with few accessories and the right circle lenses like Dueba Magnum Caviar circle contacts, and you will be the most fascinating every where you will go, at school, university, for parties or for any other occasions.

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