Color Lens Review Vassen Sakura Circle Lens from Korean Lens Store

Color Lens Review Vassen Sakura Circle Lens from Korean Lens Store


Cherry blossoms or Sakura have deep significance in Japanese culture and are sometimes offered to other nations as a symbol of friendship as you can see in Korea, England, or in big cities as Vancouver and New York.

In Japan, during spring season, gardens are filled with the color of the sakura, and we love to see this flower because it means that it’s time to celebrate the new season. Cherry blossoms or Sakura come in various tints and soft colors, and these colors stand for purity, happiness, peace and beauty.

Sakura will make you feel relaxed every time when you will see or smell it, but Sakura is also known for being the character of the cardcaptor Sakura from the most famous Japanese manga, which is happy, lively and very beautiful.

It would be great to add these beautiful colors into your life and especially into your eyes, and luckily it is now possible.

Vassen contact lenses bring the tints and colors of sakura in the prettiest style of big eye contact lenses and add the definition of love, cheerfulness, happiness and smells of spring time in your eyes to make your life more colorful than before.

You can celebrate hot season happiness and feel spring in your eyes anywhere and anytime with these Vassen Sakura contact lenses which are soft as a floating cloud and beautiful like the sakura spirit.