Contact Lens is a Counterfeit Product in USA

Most Counterfeit Product in USA



In our collective imagination, luxury brands are the most annoyed by counterfeiters.

It is a fact that these brands are hardly suffering but other products are feeling the pain more.

Besides, one of the most counterfeited product in United States can freak you out…


Yes, you guessed, Korean circle lenses belong to products that the most copied in USA !

It was revealed by a report made by the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (NIPRCC).


Usually sold at optical shops, contact lenses can be corrective or cosmetic and have invaded American stores. It is also possible to find contact lenses in stores selling makeup and other cosmetics, costume shops and even some gas station.


Naturally, we think that contact lenses sold in stores down our streets should be safe and meet FDA standards, but we are actually wrong.

In 2014 , during an operation made by National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center called “Double Vision Operation”, the American government made 74 seizures of counterfeits color lenses, some of these contacts being already for sale at optical shops in malls.


Facing this menace. The American Optometric Association is now associated to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC). Their goal ? Educate citizens about the risks taken when buying color lenses in optical shops, but also push them to consult an ophthalmologist before buying contact lenses. You have to remember that not veryone is able to wear this kind of accessory and everyone has different eyes or different needs.


Let’s compare the situation in USA with France

In this situation the main difference between France and USA is the law. Actually, in USA, it is forbidden by law to sell corrective or cosmetic contact lenses without prescription. This kind of product is considered as “medical” exactly like medicines.

In France, cosmetic contact lenses can be sold without prescription.

In the meantime, always stay aware that counterfeit products exist, and even at optical shops but sometimes also on Internet where photos often don’t meet reality.

As a precaution, it is better to buy contact lenses in an optical shop or on trusted websites like The difference between an opticial shop and a trusted online shop is that the choice online is incedible and contact lenses are cheaper, a lot cheaper.


Furthermore, never forget that even if color lenses are for cosmetic purpose you need to respect the same rules of hygiene for color lenses as regular corrective contact lenses, otherwise you can put you health in danger.