Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools

Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools

How To Set Replacement Lenses Schedule

Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools

Are you looking for a way to remember when to change your contact lenses after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year ?

There are many types of contact lenses on the market today: Daily, Monthly, Yearly and etc…

If you choose to wear monthly or yearly contact lenses for your fashion style, then replacement of contact lenses should be religiously observed by the contact lens wearers.


Contact lenses have expiration dates just like all other products. The expiration date of our Korean contact lenses is one year from the date the contact lenses are opened. Over wearing contact lenses or wearing expired contact lenses can increase the risk for eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop very quickly and have very serious results as blindness but luckily they are also very easy to avoid if you take care of your eyes accessories.

Our contact lenses are 1 year disposable but we recommend to wear them only 6 months maximum for the best eye care, because after 6 months it’s hard for most people to be sure that they took a very good care of their lenses.

Proteins, calcium, lipids and other substances that are found naturally in our tears can build up on the lenses. Even if you are following your care instructions perfectly, keep in mind that cleaning and disinfecting solutions are not 100% effective to clean all the build up proteins on the lenses.


Although these lenses are safe, the longer you wear the lenses the faster the proteins and all substances will build up.

It is therefore important to replace your contact lenses frequently in order to prevent discomfort or any allergic reactions.

Many contact lens users find it difficult to keep a track on their replacement schedule. Each pair of contact lenses comes with a different replacement schedule and the user needs to remember the replacement date of all his lenses.

Here are few ideas to help you to solve this problem, there are many alternative ways to help you remind about the replacement of your lenses.


1. Use a sticker note

Easy and simple way to remind you the replacement date of your lenses, just write a date on the sticker and stick it on the lid of your contact lens case. You might need to cover the sticker with clear tape to prevent the water to make sure that the date on sticker will not disappear after months.

2 Use a count down timers.

Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools


Contact lens case with built-in countdown timer to remind you when to throw out your current pair and replace them. This countdown timer case might be too expensive if you have many lenses.

3. Smartphone Applications

Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools


Many smart phone apps or “SIRI” from your Iphone can help you to track the expiry date of your lenses. All you have to do is to download an application that you like and add the replacement date for your lenses. Some applications are smart and could be your buddy to take care of your lenses.

4. Text and Email reminders

Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools


Everyone has an email and can set a calender to remind when it’s time to change contact lenses. If you are using the google calendar, you will get Email alerts and text messages to remind you that you gave to replace your contact lenses.

Maintenance and replacement of contact lenses should be priority and regular habit of the frequent contact lens wearers. You can ask your eye doctor for more information but discarding the lenses at the right time is the best recommendation that any eye care professional will give you.