Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver 14.0mm

SOLUTION-LENS.COM REVIEW Dueba (Barbie) Tony Silver



Hey, kids! This review is going to be of the Dueba (also known as Barbie) Tony circle lenses in the color Silver and size 14mm. I got these circle lenses from SOLUTION-LENS.COM

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Previously, these were known to be Light Silver. These are lighter than the Tony Silver Grey, or its new name, Grey. These lenses are AMAZING, and upon research I discovered they are an almost exact dupe of the Italian contact lens brand Desio, in their shade Creamy Beige. The difference is that the Duebas are softer lenses and cost so much less. If I’m not mistaken, Desio lenses are about $50 with shipping, but for these beautiful lenses I paid $29.90, including fast, free shipping and a free tracking service! 

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Here is what it looked like when it came. It shipped 2 days after I completed the transaction, and I received it 6 days after it shipped. I live in the USA and it came all the way from Thailand! The site claims that (to most countries) it will arrive about 10 days after, but mine came in only 8!

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

These are some of the goodies it came with. A bicolor pen and earrings. The lens itself came in glass vials, wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a cute little wicker basket with a free lens case. All these were wrapped in layers of bubble wrap for safe travels!


Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver


Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver


Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

The lens in their vials before opening, and in the lens case. They are a slightly creamy beige colour, but mostly white, and a small limbal ring.



Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Window Light

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Direct Sunlight

Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Window Light Detail


Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Indoor Lighting Detail


Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Flash Photography Detail


Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver

Comparison, Regular Eyes in Indoor Light



What is the natural color of your eyes and style?

My eyes are naturally about chocolate brown, and pretty big so I don’t normally use circle lens for enlargement.

What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands?

Before getting these, my favorite contact lens were my EOS Adult Violet (Old design). EOS is one of my favorite brands, along with Vassen, Dueba, and Dreamcon. My favorite types of contact lens are the ones that change the colour of my eyes but look natural, realistic and non-enlarging.

Do you often wear color lenses (which brands)?

I wear color lens for special events and every few weeks to church maybe. But with these, I can easily see myself wearing them daily.

Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends…)?

I found SOLUTION-LENS.COM when I stumbled upon a youtube video of the Tony lenses. At the time, I was looking high and low for the BEST colour-paying contact/circle lenses that were similar to the ever-famous solotica or desio. After I saw the video of the Dueba Tony lens, I googled it and SOLUTION-LENS, along with a few other similar sites, seemed to be the only ones with the contacts. What won me over was the price, promises, and the number of reviews.

What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links)?

I love the entire Dueba Tony Series (CLICK HERE!) For example, the GOLD ones.DUEBA TONY GOLD CONTACT LENS 14.5MM

I also am interested in the Dueba Lily Bitone Series (CLICK HERE!) in the color Sky. This series is a match for the Adore Bitone series! Adore contacts are another high-end contact lens brand, like Desio and Solotica.

Is our website easy to visit / browse?

The website is easy to browse. There are lots of options to see the lens based on price, brand, color etcetra. The details on shipping are all there and nothing is hidden. They have a buy 2 get 1 FREE deal (among even MORE great deals when you buy more) which seems almost too good to be true!

Is our customer service good / quick?

If ever you have any questions you can contact them through their website, through email and even on their social media. They answered my questions in literally a few hours. Their english is not native, but easy to understand. They update my along every step of the way. AMAZING Customer service.

What do you think about lens color ?

The color and design of the lens are SPECTACULAR! The colour is opaque but natural at the same time. The limbal ring is not too thick and doll-like. It blends in perfectly with your eye as it gradiates towards the center. What I hate most about searching through reviews of circle lens is that in pictures and videos people post, its ALWAYS exaggerated to look great, but in person they look horrible. But with these lenses, they photograph excellently, and please trust me! They look even BETTER in person! When I wear these out, people stare at me and can’t look away! I think it’s because they’re trying to figure out if those are my natural eye color. Yes, they look that realistic.

What do you think about lens comfort ?

They are very comfortable and take no time to adjust. But within the first hour, sometimes it would feel uncomfortable for a minute or two. But I think that’s my own eyes fault, they can be dry sometimes. It gets just a tad blurry on the sides, which I don’t mind. Usually I can’t feel it, so I get worried it might have rolled back into my eyeball for some reason. But since I can see it on the edge of my vision sometimes, at least I know it’s still there 🙂

What do you think about lens enlargement ?

They don’t enlarge, which for me is a good thing. I’m not looking for enlargement. They line up exactly with my eyes, even though they are advertised to be 14mm. I suspect the lens itself is 14mm, but if you measure the design, it’s less than that and so it lines up with the iris. But, they also sell size 15mm Dueba Tony lenses, so if you’re looking for enlargment, you can purchase those.

What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?

I absolutely, positively, 100% LOVE them. I have no regrets with my purchase. The design is beautiful and mesmerizing. It’s a more comfortable version of the Desio Creamy Beige contact lens, but at like half the price! I will probably wear them every day and I definitely want all the colors!

What is your overall opinion about our store ? What should we improve ?

My overall opinion is that its an amazing store with great deals, great shipping, great customer service. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and will absolutely purchase again. If there’s anything to improve on, I would love for more pictures/review links of the lens so that it’s not just in the vial I see. I only found a handful of reviews online for the Tony series, and none for the Lily series and the Dreamcon1 Nobluk series. 


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Contact Lens Review Dueba Tony Silver