Contact Lens Review Geo Magic CK-106

Contact Lens Review Geo Magic CK-106


Magic Color Black CK-106, kindly sponsored by Solution Lens! 
 As many of you guys know, Solution Lens is an online shop which known as that sells circle lenses. They have a wide range of lenses to chosoe from and have reasonable prices for their lenses ^^ The best thing I like about Solution Lens is that they have worldwide shipping! Plus, you also get a free lens case ^^ 
 As you read further more, you’ll see that I will be not very happy with these circle lenses… /cries. But anyways, onto the review!~ 
 When I received the yellow envelope, I was very satisfy to see everything inside was tightly packed with bubble wrap. 
 That’s how the inside looked like when I opened the yellow envelope ~ 
 The lenses came in a pretty wooden box which held in my lenses. It also came with an additional goodies like the pen, lens case and a pair of earrings. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the earrings >_< 
 I got the Geo Magic Color Black CK-106 ~ I was actually excited to try these lenses since they’re Geo lenses and I heard many good reviews about them. Plus, I was pretty worry free about it since it’s also made from Korea. I got these lenses with no prescription since they only offer in plano only.. :( 
 The lenses soaking in the solution ~ ^^ 

 The top one is without flash while the bottom is WITH flash. Oops, I just realized i made a typo on the bottom picture >_< . Ugh~! For the top pic, there’s nothing happened to my left eye yet until I was about to take the same picture  but with the flash, my left eye started to hurt and tearing up a bit (I didn’t wear the lens for my left eye for the bottom one). I didn’t know why but I thought I put on the lens the wrong way, until I realized I see this: 

 The lens I’m holding onto my finger is my left lens. As you can see, the lens was damaged! It’s kinda hard to explain how the damaged part look like but it wasn’t a pleasant experience after I was having fun with it. I don’t know how it got damaged. Therefore, I was kinda disappointed about it :( 
 Information about Geo Magic Color Black CK-106
 Diameter: 14.2 mm
 Water Content: 38-42%
 Base Curve: 8.60 mm
 Enlargement: 5/5 stars 
 These lens certainly enlarged my eyes quite a bit but not as exaggerating as my Dolly Eye Furfur Pearl Prime Grey. Since I wear glasses, I think it will look pretty good on me from far away without noticing I’m wearing the circle lens :P 
 Comfort: 1/5 stars 
 I was really hoping these lenses will feel really comfortable. But it turn out it’s not comfortable but quite painful instead. As I previously mention the pretty horrible experience with my left eye, for my right eye every time I blink, I could feel the lenses moving which is quite creepy X__X. NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. 
 Design: 5/5 stars 
 I really really adore the design for these lenses. I thought they look very simple and cute. When I wore it, my eyes actually appeared more darker but it’s alright ^^. 
 That’s it! My review is 100% my own honest opinion. As I said again, NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE WITH THESE LENS. I definitely will not wear this lenses again. 
 But anyways, thank you Solution Lens for sponsoring me.
 Annddd, just in case if you didn’t know, Solution Lens does giveaway a free pair of circle lenses at the start of every month to a lucky winner! For more information click here! 
 Thank youu for reading!~ ^ ^ 

 Additional Info: 
 What is your natural color of your eyes and style: 
 Well, my eyes is dark brown. It’s pretty dark to the point it sometime would blend in with the iris >_< 
 What are your favorite contact lenses and brands: 
 So far I only tried the Dollyeye and now Geo Magic.. I can’t really choose a favorite one yet. But when browsing through shops, I often search for brown, grey, and black lenses! 
 Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?):
 Sometime. I’ve wore Dolly Eye Furfur Pearl Prime Grey a couple times when I go out and to school. 
 Where did you find out store:
 I found Solution Lens from a friend’s recommendation! :) 
 What contact lenses you like on our store: 
 Is our website easy to visit/ browse: 
 Personally, I find it’s kinda difficult for some areas but I like how the site has a list of all the contact lens series by brand name on the left hand side ^^
 Is our customer service good / quick: 
 Yes! The service is excellent! They reply emails almost instantly and shipping wise was reasonable. 
 Photos of received parcel: 
 The picture of the parcel is near at the top of the post 🙂