Corpse Bride Tim Burton Halloween Costume and Makeup

Corpse Bride Tim Burton Halloween Costume and Makeup 



If you are a woman and like Tim Burton’s world, choose Emily makeup and costume to disguise for Halloween.

Emily is the bride in Tim Burton’s movie “Corpse Bride”, this costume is perfect for the Halloween celebration or any other costume party because she’s a dead bride. The movie story happens during the XIXth century and is inspired from a Russian Tale. The story talks about the first meeting between Victor Van Dort, a young romantic introvert guy and Emily Watson, a living dead who lost her life in accident. Emily leads Victor to her world which will be revealed to Victor as more enthusiastic and fun than the world he comes from, the world of the living. This movie is satiric, poetic and dark as in the other Tim Burton’s movies like “Beettlejuice”, “Edward Scissorhands” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.



To create Emily Watson costume, you can recycle for example an old lace wedding dress or get a bustier dress on which you will add white lace or tulle.

Gear up with fingerless lace gloves to cover your hands and your forearm, a wedding veil that you’ll keep on your head, finish with pierced white tights.

Another important element is the hair color, our character has beautiful blue hair. As you can guess there are only two ways to get this color, which are to wear a blue wig or dye you hair in blue. Try to make yourself the black flower crow that Emily wears, an easy way to make it is to use a hair band bridge on which you can glue some black dry flowers. The last touch that will bring “life” to your character is a pair of white Korean Crazy contact lenses that you can find on our store For this costume we recommend the Geo CP-F1 which are as all our circle lenses 100% safe and comfortable to wear.


Because it is always safer to makeup after wearing your Korean lenses, we can now start the makeup part. To imitate the deathly bride, you have to cover of blue all the visible parts of your body. Use water colors or body painting that you can apply with a wet sponge, don’t forget to let your eyes contours free.

Fill the free eyes contours with black eye shadow and draw your eyebrows with an eyeliner, a brush or just a pencil.

Use as well mascara and black eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. Choose a maroon or pink lipsticks and your costume is done.