Costume my Child as Indian for Halloween

Costume my Child as Indian for Halloween


For this Halloween why don’t you costume your child with something different than the usual ugly zombie or monster? If you have a second child it will be very funny to costume him/her in a cowboy to unit the two most famous Far West characters. Instead of zombie or monster costume you can use the indan or cowboy costume for other occasions like a birthday party or costume party.

This blog is about American Indian costume, so let’s focus on it. For this costume better start with the headdress. To make a simple one grab one of your bandanna or scarf that you have at home. If you don’t have any you can use a thin paperboard, and trim it to be the size of your forehead plus 2 inches. You can draw and color this paper with geometrical shapes. The hardest part will be to find feathers, it’s easy if you live in the countryside but harder if you live in town, at least you can try to ask your butcher. If no feathers at all, then it’s easy to trim papers to give them the feather shapes. You can paint the paper feather with the color that you want. Once you get your feather, real or fake, find a way to fix them to your bandanna, headband or homemade paper headband, to do this you can use glue, staples or anything you want.

About the costume itself, make it simple, just grab a pajamas trousers or any other brown or beige pants. For the top, use a tunic, a poncho or an old big Tshirt that you can paint with similar headdress patterns. You can also glue some lightweight felt triangle shapes to customize it. Still with the lightweight felt trim two long bands and trim them again to make fringes. You can now attach these fringes on the sleeves and pants

Any good Indian also needs some accessories, you can decide to make them or buy them, these accessories are really cheap. So our native American will need: bow, arrows and a tomahawk. You can add some decoration with a necklace made of rope with feathers attached on it.

To make Indian makeup the possibilities are infinite but they all simple. For example you can paint a large red band on your face starting from your forehead until the middle of your nose, underlined with white paint to finish.

Don’t forget that you can get beautiful mysterious Indian Apache look with our colored circle lenses.

You’re now ready to get some scalp for this Halloween. Happy Halloween and be careful of the angry cowboys !