Create a Dragon Halloween Makeup

Create a Dragon Halloween Makeup


This is Halloween and you have decided to be a supernatural creature. We propose you to create a dragon makeup which is perfect for girls and boys, children or adults. The most difficult is to find or make the right costume but the makeup part is very easy.

The dragon, this huge reptile that can fly is the source of numerous legends in China but also in the western civilization, as Greek mythology, Scandinavian and Celtic.

Nowadays dragons still make people dream thanks to movies using them as characters like in these movies: Excalibur, The never Ending Story, Eragon, Donjons & Dragons, Dragons, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Dragon Hunters, Reign of Fire, Tomb of the dragon…

Dragons can be villain or hero depending on the movie or the story, and for Halloween you can decide which dragon you want to be.

Before starting the makeup job you have to wear a pair of circle contact lenses as the ones available on our website, you will get the best effect with our “Crazy lenses” that are made for cosplay and Halloween. Among our trusted brands, Geo is one of the best quality color lenses brand from Korea. To wear color contact lenses there is no need to have special skills, all you have to do is to follow the basic rules of hygiene and take care properly of your circle lenses.

The circle lenses you need for your dragon costume can be the green Geo SF-G05, red and yellow Geo SF-82, white SF-W05 or the stunning red Geo SF-R05.


As we told you earlier, it is better to makeup after having your circle lenses on, it will avoid any risk. Don’t use powder makeup because some particles could stick to your contact lenses.

To make the dragon makeup, just have a look to the photos on this page. The best technique for a good result is to use brushes with body paints, you can blend the paint to create your own colors.

If you don’t have body painting you can use your imagination and find what you need in your makeup or your girlfriend’s or Mom’s makeup. The key to make a nice dragon is to draw horn on the forehead and the extremity of your nose, don’t forget to draw some sharp teeth on your lips. With a dark makeup pen or a brush with black paint on it, you can add horizontal wrinkles on your nose and draw big nostril.

You are now ready to be the most beautiful dragon of your next Halloween party, so please enjoy it and send us a message to tell us your story.



Happy Halloween everyone !