Create Halloween Doll Makeup

Create Halloween Doll Makeup

Have you ever dreamed to look like a Barbie doll, a Russian doll (Matryoshka) or a porcelain doll ?

Halloween celebration allows you to do it thanks to makeup and costume. The good point with this transformation is that it is really easy to do, actually you just need to find an old colorful dress that can be pink, violet, pastel blue, yellow or a coverall, the kind of clothes that you wore where you were teenager.

For this costume it’s also nice to have few laces, embroideries, colorful feathers. Think that the goal is to create a character, it means that you have to look very different, barely recognizable. Start by wearing a colorful wig or dye your hair if you prefer, why not in blonde with breads or pigtails. If you want to stick in people’s mind you can be more eccentric and wear flashy colors like pink or electric blue as the Bratz dolls or Strawberry Shortcake characters. Little pink ribbon in your hair can be the perfect final touch.


If you really want to look like a doll for Halloween you will absolutely need the “Dolly Eyes” contact color lenses also called “Circle Lenses”, ”Korean Lenses” or “Big Eyes Lenses” the result will be stunning. To get these beautiful dolly eyes we recommend you to visit our webstore and order if you want blue eyes the Vassen Viva or Geo Love circle lenses, if you need green eyes, the Vassen Super Crystal or Vassen Ash Miranda, if you prefer brown hazel eyes then Geo Grang Grang will be perfect to you. All these circle lenses designs are new generation products, they offer the best guarantee for safety and comfort, even for the crazyest Halloween party where you can sweat and dance like crazy under the heat, etc…


To get a porcelain skin complexion use a basic makeup, a white foundation that you will apply uniformly on your face which has to be cleaned well before to remove any oil. Now use a pink blush and make small circle under your cheekbones, to look like a little shy girl add some freckle with a pen.


To enhance your contact lenses and have dolly eyes, you should wear false long eyelashes. But if your are lucky to have them naturally, some mascara will be enough. Then apply a white creamy eye shadow on the upper lid, and finish this makeup by working on your lips with a pink lipstick.

With this kind of look, you mimic a young Lolita now, you are ready to get all men attention during your Halloween party.