Create my Own Halloween Skeleton Costume

Create my Own Halloween Skeleton Costume


Skeleton is a popular Halloween costume, because during Halloween night we celebrate all the things coming from the kingdom of the dead as ghosts, spirits, demons , evils, monsters, zombies and other creatures able to give you goose bumps and nightmares at night.

To make a skeleton costume matching Halloween theme, you first have to find plain black close-fitting clothes without buttons and pockets. The ideal for the lower part of the costume is a legging and for the top a black long sleeve T-shirt. If you can find these parts now we need to create the skeleton bones, to do this there are different techniques.

Our favorite technique is to use a special phosphorescent paint that will be seen at night under special light also called black light. If you plan to go to a Halloween party the chances are high that there will be a black light that will help you to glow in the dark. The advantage with this paint is that you can use it on your face, it is washable and non-toxic.

To learn more about this phosphorescent paint you can know where to get it and find more details on the Internet.

The secret to paint the bones on your clothes is to paint them roughly and skip the details to make the job simple. You can paint bones on front and back of your clothes, have a look at our photo here or other photos available online.

The other method to paint a skeleton is to draw your bones on white paper, adhesive paper or on phosphorescent paper, then trim and glue them on your costume like the photo above.

To fully complete your Halloween transformation you can’t miss a nice face makeup. Make it simple, apply a white foundation all over your face. Then use a black makeup pen and color the space around your eyes including upper and lower eyelids. On the extremity of your nose design two holes as we can see on a skeleton skull, design as well two holes and teeth at the corners of you lips. Look at the photo below to help you.

We finish with the icing on the cake, a beautiful pair of circle lenses to make your skeleton very freaky, you can decide to wear white color lenses like Geo Corona SF-16 or Geo CP-F1 or black circle lenses like the Vassen Scarlet. Check our website to get your lenses and find out many surprises. team wish you a happy Halloween!