Create Your Own Batman Halloween Costume

Create Your Own Batman Halloween Costume


It’s hard to find someone, especially guys, who never wanted to be a super hero as batman or Superman during his childhood ? Today you will grant your wish or the wish of your child creating a DIY Batman costume, no need to spend much money for this costume. Batman has a costume inspired of course from a bat, this character perfectly matches Halloween spirit.


You can start to make this costume by printing the Batman mask above. Choose a nice paperboard and print our mask on it, select the thickest paperboard that you can use in your printer. You can change the size of the mask image if you need, but you’ll have to use a software like Photoshop or Paint. If you can only print on standard paper you will have to glue your page on a paperboard.


Once the mask is printed all you need to do is to trim the useless parts of it. Think that you have to make two holes on the sides to attach a rope or a rubber string. Try to make the mask stronger where you make the holes, you can use black scotch tape for that purpose.


For the costume part, the ideal is a fit long-sleeves coverall, if you have one black long sleeve swimsuit it would be perfect. If you don’t have, you can borrow from someone a paintball chest armor and add this to your Batman costume for an awesome result. If you don’t have coverall, wetsuit or Painball armor either, you can simply wear a black long sleeve T-shirt with black pantyhose.

To have a perfect costume you can’t skip the Batman logo. Here too, there are different ways to proceed. You can choose to print the logo and trim the useless parts before gluing it on your costume chest. If you want something more fancy, you need to find yellow and black pieces of felt. Draw and trim the bat on the black felt, then glue it on the oval yellow felt that you have prepared before. Your fancy Batman logo is now ready to be applied on your black costume.

Another important accessory for Batman is his cape. To make one, nothing easier, all you need is a black piece of garment, a black sheet would be perfect. If you don’t have any black sheet, then take an old white sheet from the wardrobe and dye it in black. Batman needs also black gloves and a belt which can be yellow or black. Complete the costume with a pair of black boots.


Because it is Halloween, there is a cool thing to do. Create a zombie Batman by adding some fake blood around your eyes and by using white foundation to get a pale complexion.


Give the final touch with the inescapable white zombie circle lenses Geo CP-F1 sold on

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Now that you are Batman, you are ready to fight the villains and fight against crime in your streets, in the meantime you can enjoy scaring your neighbors with your zombie look, MWAHAHAHAHA!