Cutebox Beauty Surprise Kawaii Pack

Cutebox Beauty Surprise Kawaii Pack


Once again, I have tried a nice concept from a French website. This website proposes every one or two months, beauty Kawaii sets. Each set has a theme, the one that I share with you today is ”Pretty and Zen” (”Belle et Zen” in French).
Let’s check it out together! (^__^)





*Acelora cleansing foam from The Face Shop
*Tomato mask sheet from Holika Holika
*Blackhead removing nose patch from Nature Republic
*Silicon facial cleansing pad
*Mascara guide and eyelash curler
*Rabbit rubber hair band
*Kawaii shower cap
*Rilakkuma plush bag
*Pair of velcro hair
*Small meta tea box
*Music note tea brewer tool
*Mirrored pen from “Sweet House”

My opinion:

When I opened my parcel, I immediately felt in love with the cute Rilakkuma plush bag containing the accessories! I found them very lovely.

The box theme “Pretty and Zen” was well respected. About the ”Pretty” side there are 3 beaty products, 2 face accessories, 3 hair accessories. For the “Zen” side I’ve got a delicious tea with a cute brewer (already seeing myself drinking a cup of tea during my face mask for example). The pen and the bag are real bonus.
Total, I’ve got 12 products including a full size bottle cleansing foam that usualy costs around $25, this is great!

The weirdest thing inside this box is the ”mascara guide”, this tool is supposed to avoid mascara mess when you are applying it… well, not sure that it is very handy and easy to use, but I’ll try.

I’m happy to have got the acelora cleansing foam, because I wanted to try it for so long! I am not very fan of the silicone facial cleansing pad, and my skin prefers face brushes smoothness; but everything is matter of taste.

Sadly, there is no real beauty care product (exepted the foam, patch and mask) in this box, but I knew that I didn’t buy a real “beauty box” since the beginning. Cutebox is more oriented on accessories and Kawaii goodies. This choice is made to please most of the people.

The little black Chinese tea box is in traditional style and the brewer note is awesome! I am a tea connoisseur, that’s a good thing!

The shower cap, the rabbit rubber hair band and the velcro hair clips are good to have accessories. I confess that I crushed on the rabbit rubber, I won’t wear it but I plan to keep it for my future baby girl who is coming soon. I will use the little Rilakkuma bag to keep my beauty stuffs, but I believe that it will be perfect later for my little baby.




In brief, an affordable and very cool box,well presented with a beautiful selection of products and accessories (even if some of them are fancy gadgets) ! I just wish that next time they will add some Korean circle lenses or Japanese color lenses.