Dangers of Sharing Contact Lenses

Dangers of Sharing Contact Lenses

Dirty Secret : Sharing Cosmetic Contact Lenses


Dangers of Sharing Contact Lenses



It is common for teenagers to share things like drinks and snacks with their friends.

For girls, they also love to share hair brushes, lipstick, blush on, eye shadow and other cosmetics like contact lenses in the lady room. 

You can share your dreams, secrets or experiences with your friends, however, you should never share your makeup especially cosmetic contact lenses.

We know that it is easy to hand your friend your cosmetic contact lenses or makeup. But is it wise? Definitely not ! Never share contact lenses with another person.

Many parents complain their daughters about sharing something even more personal than lip gloss, they are sharing cosmetic contact lenses with their friends.

Most young girls consider colored contact lenses as a cosmetic accessory and think that sharing contact lenses is a good idea.

When it comes to bad sharing habits, swapping cosmetic contact lenses can mean trading germs and bacteria. Everyone’s tears are filled with normal bacteria, these bacteria maybe ok for your eyes but maybe bad for someone else. Transferring these bacteria to someone else’s eyes is not a good idea and can lead to serious eye infections.


Dangers of Sharing Contact Lenses

Not only does sharing contact lenses spread germs and bacteria from person to person, but contact lenses are fitted and prescribed to suit somone eyes and not everybody’s eyes.

Contact lenses are fitted for each person’s eye shape and size. If you are wearing contact lenses that don’t fit, the lenses will not sit properly on your cornea and may scratch and damage your eyes. Your eyes will also suffer from a lack of oxygen or develop other serious problems.

Most contact lens wearers know that it is smart not to share their contact lenses, but some people still try to wear someone else’s contact lenses that are similar or close to their own contact lenses. Please do not do that, you may create major damage to your eyes that may lead to permanent damage to your eyesight. 

Our best advice for those who like to share contact lenses with friends is to protect yourself by visiting your closest eye doctor. Your doctor can recommend you the lenses that will fit your eyes properly. He can also teach you the right things and explain the importance of proper contact lens care. Then you will know which type of contact lens care is the easiest for you and match your lifestyle.