Darth Maul Halloween Costume and Makeup

Darth Maul Halloween Costume and Makeup


If you want to be on the dark side of the force for Halloween, don’t hesitate to get the nice and atypical makeup of Darth Maul, the villain in Star Wars movie episode 1 “The Phantom Menace”. This makeup is quite easy to make and in the meantime it is very impressive, ideal for Halloween parties. This Sith lord comes from the planet Iridonia and belong to the Zabraks species. Darth Maul was Dark Sidious’ secret apprentice. He is a formidable warrior frightening his enemies with his fighting skills, he is an expert in the use of the double laser saber.

To make your Darth Maul Halloween costume very easily you just need to wear a long black hooded coat with black paints and a large black belt made with a peace of garment or a scarf. If you don’t have this kind of coat you can use a black sheet and use it as a hooded cape. You need also a pair of black boots, and black gloves.

Now it’s time to create our Darth Maul lightsaber, we are going to use a pool noodle. You know this long foam floating stick that we sometimes use while having fun in a swimming pool! It is very cheap and easy to find at any supermarket as Walmart or garden and sport stores. The main advantage is that it is very affordable and not dangerous at all because it is very light. With a cutter you can adjust and cut your foam stick to the right size. Create the handle with tape and duct tape. If you want to make the real Darth Maul laser saber you need to get a red pool noddle, if you want to make his double lighsaber, chose a long pool noddle and make the handle in the middle.



If you want to make a more elaborate lightsaber, there is a way to make one that can glow in the dark. It will complete your Darth Maul costume and make you stand out at your Halloween Night party. All you have to find is a LED torch light, one with a shape close to the Star Wars saber. Wrap the handle with aluminum foil and tape it with black and gray scotch tape. Now find a long sheet of red transparent paper or plastic and roll it up to create tube, attach this tube to your torch light, turn it on and you get an awesome lightsaber.

The best item to turn into Darth Maul is to wear cosplay animation circle lenses. Red and yellow designs that we have on our shop Solution-Lens.com perfectly match character. For example you can choose between Geo SF-01 or Geo SF-74 circle lenses. Do not hesitate to order at least 2 pairs to get 1 more free pair. Our lenses are high quality genuine products, comfortable to wear and easy to take care.

About the makeup, forget the horns part and focus on the face only, you can always cover the top of your head with a hood. Darth Maul always wear his hood in the movie, we can only see his face when he fights. By the way he has horns and bold head, so it is better to keep the hood on.

Now you need to get one black and one red makeup pen and start drawing the shapes that look like tribal patterns.

Once you are satisfied you can start filling up the right shapes with the right color. Instead of using pens you can of course use face paints. Look at the pictures on this page to get the exact same Darth Maul makeup.



You are now a perfect copy of Darth Maul, a warrior of the dark side ready to enjoy this Halloween, you will look awesome, may the force be with you!