Devil Halloween Costume Ideas

Devil Halloween Costume Ideas


The Devil is sometimes also called Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer or Shaythan depending on the religion. The Devil is the lord of darkness, and hell, he is represented as a scary creature, a demon and he’s synonym of “being bad”. In western religions the Devil has a red skin and is often represented with horns, a sharp tail, wings or cape, holding a trident.

We are going to use this description to explain you how to make a devil costume for Halloween, we will use the simplest and cheapest way.

Choose the right Devil clothes

To create the base of your costume for boy, you have to first find a black or red sweatsuit, a pajama, or a set of matching paints and pullover. For a girl a red skirt and tights like the photo on this page.



Create your devil costume accessories


To create the Devil tail, you can use old tights and fulfill one leg with paper towel or toilet paper. All you have to do is to find a way to attach it on the back of your pants. The easiest way is to sew it.

Next, instead of using anything hard to make wings, prefer to make a cape. Take a piece of red or black rectangle garment, and cut or ask someone to cut the cape for you.

Then you can slip a ribbon inside your cape which is now ready to wear around your neck.


To create the Devil horns, the easiest is to use a tiny hard red headband, large enough to let you glue horns on it. To make the horns you can just take a red paperboard that you will roll up to give it a cone or triangle shape, then it’s a piece of cake to glue or tape it on the headband.


Now let’s make another important accessory, a Devil pitchfork.

All you need is a stick that you have to paint in black or tape it with black scotch tape. Now we have to make the pikes to attach at the stick extremity. Draw the trident on a red carton board and trim it. Don’t make your trident too sharp because you could harm someone.

Once it’s done you can fasten it to your stick with tape or glue, to make it more beautiful you can make a finish with a rope.

Devil makeup part


To complete your Halloween costume you have to turn your face into Devil face.

It’s quite simple, apply red color face paint all over your face and darken the area around your eyes including upper and lower eyelids. With a black eyeliner you can draw a mustache and a little goatee.

Give a final touch with the most important accessory that will make you look like a real Devil which is a pair of red color lenses like the Geo SF-27 or SF-88, there are perfect for this character. The soft contact lenses make your character looks real and very scary, this is exactly what is needed for Halloween.



Now that you are ready for Halloween remember that it’s not because you look like a Devil that you have to be bad, this is just a game! wish you a Happy Halloween.